Build your Bitcoin app in a streamlined, hosted environment.
The Hiro Platform empowers you to build and deploy apps on Stacks—a Bitcoin L2—through a hosted development experience. Kickstarting your app development has never been this easy.
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Your smart contract development starts here.

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Quickstart your project

You don’t have to start from scratch. Choose from a set of smart contract templates or import your existing GitHub project to get started.

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Increase your productivity

Take advantage of fewer installs and fewer steps as you go from concept to mainnet deployment. As you work, save all your code in one place.

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Your local environment, supercharged

Using SSH, you can run the Hiro Platform in your local IDE and code with all of your preferences and plugins installed. Code where you're comfortable and seamlessly switch between environments.

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Streamline your development

Validate your code directly in the Hiro Platform for a tighter feedback loop. View all of your contracts in one dashboard, call contract functions, and troubleshoot errors with zero context switching.

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Collaborate with developers, from anywhere

Using Git, push code changes to the cloud. As you ship, clear version controls ensure your team is always working on the latest branch.

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/** The Hiro Platform has made it easier for my team to develop and manage our project by taking advantage of the platform's infrastructure and be able to work from anywhere. */


A development platform, plus much more.

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Create real-time event streams

With Chainhook, you can launch and manage webhook-like triggers that react to onchain events in real-time. These chainhooks will work safely and accurately in your app regardless of forks or reorgs.

Learn more about Chainhook
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Customize plans for predictable contract deployments

Generate deployment plans to safely and logically deploy more than one smart contract in a designated order. Focus on building your Web3 app rather than the logistical headache of handling complex deployments.

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Test your code in a local blockchain environment

Thoroughly test your code in a cloud-hosted devnet environment that simulates a live blockchain and its corresponding entities (miners, nodes, and a stream of newly mined blocks). Debug locally with a wide range of debugging tools before making your mainnet debut.

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Create and manage your API keys

With just a few clicks, you can generate API keys for your application and access higher rate limits to Hiro’s API services. Instantly create, manage, and delete API keys in a self-service portal.

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Build with maximum portability

Leverage platform-hosted services like chainhook and devnet that are computation-intensive and made available to you with a few simple clicks, reducing the burden on your local device.

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Bitcoin's web3 development platform is here.

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