Want to build with Bitcoin Ordinals?

Since their launch in January 2023, ordinals have surged in popularity. To date, more than 8.5M ordinals have been inscribed on Bitcoin, and their growth is rapidly accelerating. But as a builder, why should you care?

This guide will cover:

Ordinals 101

What are Bitcoin ordinals?


How do ordinals compare to BRC-20 and Bitcoin STAMPS?

Ordinals Technical Implementation

Dive into the technical implementation of how ordinals actually store data on the Bitcoin chain.

Ordinals Tooling

What tooling is available for developers looking to start building today?

In Hiro’s Developer’s Guide to Bitcoin Ordinals, you’ll explore the power of ordinals, how they interact with the Bitcoin blockchain, and what developer tooling exists today, so you can bring ordinals into your application.

Ready to get started?