Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

DeFi is the biggest category in Web3 and in just a few years has become a $50B+ sector. Now devs are bringing DeFi apps directly to Bitcoin and its $800B of latent capital, tapping into one of the biggest opportunities in Web3 today.

This guide will cover:

Bitcoin DeFi 101

Learn the basics of Bitcoin DeFi and why it matters.

Putting BTC Into DeFi

How do you put BTC the asset into DeFi apps?

Bitcoin DeFi Primitives

What are the building blocks of Bitcoin DeFi that play a role in many DeFi apps?

More Complex Protocols

Discover the frontiers of Bitcoin DeFi and the complex protocols that are emerging today. 

In A Developer’s Guide to Bitcoin DeFi, you’ll learn the basics of this emerging sector to inspire you and help you discover why Bitcoin DeFi could be one of the great opportunities in Web3 over the next few years. Along the way, we’ll also highlight a number of builders in Bitcoin DeFi to show you the early innovators and what’s already happening today.

Bitcoin has been the bedrock of crypto from the beginning, and soon it may be the bedrock of DeFi too. It’s a ₿rave new world. Ready to dive in?