Our purpose

We empower developers to create a better digital future with best-in-class tools and services.

We believe that building apps on Bitcoin is the biggest and most obvious bet in crypto today. Most of the public believes that Bitcoin is nothing more than a store of value, but we see Bitcoin as the foundation for a better internet. We believe a user-owned internet is best served if it is built on the most secure and the most decentralized blockchain. We make tools for developers to build this future with Stacks, the largest and fastest growing Web3 project on Bitcoin.

Who we are

We are a company for developers, built by developers. We take our name from the hacker “Hiro Protagonist” from Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, and everything we do enables developers like our namesake to innovate and put the future back in the people’s hands.


Our traction


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Our leadership

Muneeb Ali

Chairman, Founder of Stacks

Muneeb Ali is the Founder of Stacks and Chairman of Hiro. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from Princeton University and has worked on internet protocols and distributed systems for over 15 years. Hiro was created in 2021 to serve developers building smart contracts for the Bitcoin blockchain. Muneeb is a guest lecturer on cloud computing at Princeton and was a technical advisor to the HBO show Silicon Valley.

Alex Miller


Alex Miller is Chief Executive Officer of Hiro Systems. Before joining Hiro, he helped lead several developer focused companies including Stack Overflow. Alex also advises early stage startups on their business models, go-to-market strategies, company operations, and executive team development. He lives in Montana.

Diwaker Gupta


Diwaker Gupta is Chief Technology Officer at Hiro Systems. Formerly, he was Engineering Lead for Intelligence at Dropbox and Director of Engineering at Maginatics (EMC). Diwaker holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC San Diego. He lives in New York City.

Our values

We go together

A rising tide lifts all boats: we freely collaborate and share across our community.

We find a way

No challenge is too big or daunting: we are resourceful, tenacious, and creative in finding solutions.

We have a bias for action

We know that speed can magnify impact, and we move swiftly.

We make bold bets

We embrace the uncertainty, never let fear rule decisions, and once aligned, fully commit to executing our ideas.

Work with us

Join us in building a better internet on Bitcoin.

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