Build smarter apps with webhook-like triggers that react to onchain events in real time.
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Customizable. Lightweight. No overhead. Chainhook makes it easier than ever to index only the information you need.

The data indexer that doesn’t BREAk.

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Lightweight & responsive

Chainhook enables you to build a lightweight database for Bitcoin and Stacks, indexing only the on-chain data you want to track in real-time. By working with a lighter database, you have faster query results, which translates to a better dev experience, and a better user experience too.

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Fork & reorg aware

Chainhook is fork-aware. It keeps a store of all possible chain forks and checks each new on-chain event against those forks to maintain the current valid chain tip. In the event of a reorg, Chainhook will automatically rollback any invalid blocks and compute any new blocks. Consistent data served reliably.

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Customized notifications

Receive notifications for any on-chain event that matches your chainhook, and get notified when a reorg affects your customized database. With these notifications, you can post alerts to your app UI, notify specific users when their transactions are rolled back, and more.

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Open source transparency

Chainhook is an open source project. We encourage you to contribute to the repo and give us feedback. View the Chainhook GitHub repo.

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Ordinals support

Built via Chainhook, Ordhook is a reorg-aware client indexer for ordinals. With Ordhook, you can get accurate inscription data no matter what.

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/** Chainhook lets us focus our dev resources on building out the core functionality of our app. */


Power your app with custom event streams.

Embrace a familiar developer experience

Chainhook brings a well-known and beloved event-driven framework to Bitcoin and Stacks. Similar to IFTTT, webhook, lambdas, and cloud workers, chainhook empowers you to create tailored, lightweight logic for your app.

Build your own webhook-like chainhooks

Create individual “chainhooks” that are “if this, then that” triggers that react to on-chain events like a token transfer or a print event from a smart contract. These events then trigger actions, such as writing to a database or a smart contract.

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Create chainhooks locally or in the cloud

You can create chainhooks on your local device via our development environment Clarinet. Alternatively, you can set up chainhooks via a guided UI in the Hiro Platform.

/ Developer resources

Learn how to create chainhooks in our documentation.


If you need help getting started or have feedback to share, reach out to us on Discord.