Build on Stacks
Hiro builds developer tools for Stacks, the network that enables apps and smart contracts for Bitcoin.
Why Stacks?
Enabling apps, smart contracts, and digital assets for Bitcoin
Build apps on Bitcoin
Stacks connects to Bitcoin and makes it programmable, enabling you to build apps, smart contracts, and digital assets that are integrated with Bitcoin's security, capital, and network.
Write safe smart contracts
Stacks enables smart contracts for Bitcoin with Clarity, a smart contract language optimized for security and predictability. It’s perfect for high-stakes code where bugs are not an option.
Innovate on Bitcoin
Stacks makes it easy to build Bitcoin-based logic into your smart contracts. This enables you to build apps and smart contracts that make the most of Bitcoin’s capital and network.
All you need to build apps and smart contracts for Bitcoin
Stacks.js is a monorepo of libraries for authentication, storage, transactions, stacking, and more. It includes turnkey solutions for decentralized authentication, signing transactions, and data storage.
Clarity smart contracts
Author, deploy, and integrate Clarity smart contracts
A complete toolkit for Clarity smart contracts, including a Javascript library, testing environement, and a browser-based Sandbox.
More ways to build
Command-line interface for interacting with auth, storage, transactions, and more.
Stacks Blockchain API
Query anything from transactions, to smart contracts, blocks and accounts. The API comes with its own JS client and real-time updates.
Stacks Explorer
Explore transactions and accounts on the Stacks blockchain. Clone any contract and experiment in your browser with the Explorer sandbox.
Hiro Wallet
The most secure wallet for Stacks
Hiro Wallet is a safe place to store your STX, single-sign on for decentralized apps and it protects your funds when you interact with smart contracts. Downloadable as a browser extension or as a desktop app.
Join the global Stacks community
Build together
The Stacks Ecosystem hosts hundreds of events for the community every year, from hackathons, to strategy sessions, community calls and meetups. Join us at one of the events or meet us on the official Stacks Discord.