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Everything you need to write, test, integrate and deploy Clarity smart contracts.

A simple, modern and opinionated workflow for Clarity smart contracts.

Clarinet provides a CLI package with a Clarity runtime, an REPL, and a testing harness. Clarinet includes a Javascript library, testing environment, and a browser-based Sandbox. With Clarinet, you can rigorously iterate on your smart contracts locally before moving into production.

Control the chainstate for tests

Access the state through the typescript package

Run tests automatically with the CLI

Simulate the whole chainstate locally for integration

Code with ((( Clarity

Clarity is a programming language that brings smart contracts to Bitcoin. It’s optimized for security and predictability, and it gives developers a safe way to build complex smart contracts. Clarity is designed for high-stakes code where bugs are not an option.

Built with Clarinet

“Clarinet has been the cornerstone tool to our smart contract development.”

Jason Schrader,
CityCoins Core Contributor

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Execute your first Clarity smart contract with Hello World, Counter and Bitcoin NFT tutorials.


Read and understand the basics of writing smart contracts in Clarity with Clarinet.

Developer Resources

Clarity VS Code Extension

Useful features like autocompletion, syntax highlighting, inline error details.

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See the open source Clarinet repository.

Clarinet repo


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