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Developers Choose Hiro Tools to Build for Bitcoin
See why cutting edge startups are building the future of DeFi and smart contracts for Bitcoin with Hiro’s easy-to-use solutions.
Clarinet, the go-to tool for local Clarity development, facilitates rapid smart contract development, testing, and deployment. This powerful tool removes the need to interact with a testnet, and with it, developers can rigorously iterate on their smart contracts locally before moving into production. Clarinet provides a CLI package with a Clarity runtime, an REPL, and a testing harness.
 name: 'the echo-number function returns the input value ok',
 async fn(chain: Chain, accounts: Map<string, Account>) {
   const testNum = '42';
   let deployerWallet = accounts.get('deployer')!;
   let block = chain.mineBlock([
   assertEquals(block.receipts.length, 1); // assert that the block received a single tx
   assertEquals(block.receipts[0].result, `(ok ${testNum})`); // assert that the result of the tx was ok and the input number
   assertEquals(block.height, 2); // assert that only a single block was mined
“Clarinet has been the cornerstone tool to our smart contract development.”
Jason Schrader,
CityCoins Core Contributor
Hiro’s Clarity for Visual Studio Code extension gives Clarity smart contract developers coding superpowers. Available in the VSCode Marketplace, this plug-in brings all the integral quality-of-life features developers have come to expect like autocompletion, syntax highlighting, inline error details, and much more. This is a must-have efficiency hack for any Stacks developer, and helps cut down on engineering time spent researching function declarations and syntax structure.
“Hiro products are essential to our smart contract developments and are the key components to the whole process.”
Rachel Yu,
ALEX Co-Founder
The Stacks Explorer is the definitive, single source of truth for on-chain data. It allows users to browse the entire transaction history of the Stacks blockchain, using filtering tools to enable querying of specific types of transactions. The Sandbox is a handy utility that can call a function in a deployed smart contract, sign a token transfer, or deploy a contract straight from the browser. The network switcher gives developers the power to view and debug contract activity before deploying to mainnet.
“It's impossible to do anything these days without Clarinet, without Stacks.js, without the Explorer.”
Philip De Smedt,
Arkadiko Core Contributor
The Hiro Wallet browser extension is the best way to manage STX and sign into decentralized apps. Available in both the Chrome and Firefox stores, this browser-based crypto wallet enables total user control and seamless management of digital assets. The blockchain community is leveraging the wallet extension to catalyze a vibrant dapp economy built on Stacks, and it’s a valuable tool to end users and developers alike.
“Integrating with the Hiro Wallet is just a matter of a few lines of code.”
Leo Pradel,
Sigle Co-Founder and CEO
Stacks.js is a set of libraries that provides the essentials developers need to integrate the Stacks blockchain into their web applications including authentication, storage, constructing transactions, encryption, and more. Stacks.js equips developers with useful features like typescript deserialization and the included SDK to quickly build Stacks wallets. This flexible toolbox can help set up all the decentralized capabilities users have come to expect.
“Stacks.js is the building block that we use all the time to build, broadcast, and sign our transactions.”
Philip De Smedt,
Arkadiko Core Contributor