Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - October 2023

In October, we shipped the Clarinet SDK and Clarinet v2.0.0, bringing our tooling closer to the world of JavaScript. We also added SSH and Git to the Hiro Platform, bringing you streamlined collaboration in the cloud, and announced new rate limits for our APIs. Let’s get into it.

Product update
November 7, 2023
October 2023

Release roundups are organized into primary themes related to the development experience. From core protocol contributions all the way to docs improvements, you'll find a summary of what we shipped in October:


  • We continued to support the ecosystem in both the Nakamoto and Clarity WASM working groups as we march ever closer to the Nakamoto upgrade coming in H1 2024. In particular, we supported work on the initial implementation of “mockamoto”, the first Nakamoto node ready for local dev testing, completed initial drafts of the SIPs, and made progress on the Nakamoto coordinator, which is now in review. Learn more here.
  • In the Clarity WASM workstream, we completed a major refactoring, implemented sha256 and 73% of expressions. Learn more here.

Visibility, Verification, & Insights

Smart Contracts 

  • We launched the Clarinet SDK, which opens up Clarinet to the world of JavaScript, enabling you to write unit tests in a more readable and standard format.
  • Alongside that work, we shipped Clarinet v2.0.0, which removed Deno, a JavaScript runtime. This makes Clarinet much easier for us to maintain and deprecates the commands <code-rich-text>clarinet test<code-rich-text> and <code-rich-text>clarinet run<code-rich-text>, commands which are now handled via the SDK. We also introduced a global configuration file in this release and fixed 500+ lint warnings and errors.


  • As part of sBTC’s developer release, we shipped the sBTC package for Stacks.js, which can be found here.

API Infrastructure 

  • To accommodate the growth of the Stacks ecosystem and provide reliable, performant API services to you, we are updating our rate limit policies, changes that go into effect on November 9th.

Hosted Developer Experience 

  • We launched SSH (Secure Shell) access to the Hiro Platform, enabling you to use your local code editor in the Hiro Platform, including all of your plugins and customizations. This change also enables you to use your existing Git setup and push code from your local device and collaborate with your team, even on private repositories.


  • We hosted a doc-a-thon in the beginning of October and got the whole team on board to ship improvements to our docs. The proof is in the pudding: in October, we closed over 200 issues in the docs repo, and there are a number of exciting changes in flight. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Learn More

For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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