Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Connecting the Hiro Platform With Your Local Editor: Streamlined Collaboration through SSH and Git

We’re excited to announce two new features in the Hiro Platform. First, we’ve launched SSH (Secure Shell) access, which enables you to use your local code editor in the Hiro Platform. All of your plugins, themes, shortcuts, and customizations are now available when using the platform. Second, given this new secure handshake between the Hiro Platform and your laptop, you can use your existing Git set up in your local machine and now easily push code from your laptop and collaborate with your team, even on private repositories.

Product update
October 18, 2023
Sr Engineering Manager
Director of Product
Hiro: Platform / Git

The most common feedback we’ve gotten from developers since launching the Hiro Platform is that they want to customize the code editor and collaborate using Git. Now you can. 

Leverage Your Preferred Setup

Your local dev environment is customized to your exact preferences, which you have evolved over many years, such as shortcuts that improve your efficiency, plugins that boost your productivity, unique themes tailored to your favorite colors, and more. Now you can connect your local IDE (e.g, VS code) to the Hiro Platform, via SSH, along with any existing plugins and customizations you like to use.

Access all of your VS Code plugins, themes, shortcuts and customizations when coding in the Hiro Platform.

We hope this unlocks greater productivity for you in the Hiro Platform now that you can use your preferred setup and take advantage of great plugins and customizations.

But leveraging your existing customized coding environment isn’t the only new change to the Hiro Platform…

Collaborate With Your Team

Alongside this change, we’ve also made collaboration with other devs easier than ever before. Previously, when you made changes to code in the Hiro Platform, it wasn’t easy to share those changes with your team. There simply wasn’t an easy way to collaborate in the Hiro Platform…until now.

The access to Git you’ve been waiting for is here.

Now that you have an SSH handshake between your laptop and the Hiro Platform in the cloud, you can leverage the existing Git configurations in your laptop with an already pre-configured private/public-key.

You don't need to store your private keys in the Hiro Platform. Instead, you can leverage your existing setup in your laptop for effective team collaboration and version control, increasing your productivity and efficiency when building on Stacks and Bitcoin using the Hiro Platform.

Unlock the Power of Git

Automatically Sync With Your Repo

When creating a new project in the Hiro Platform, you have the option to create a new GitHub repo or import any public or private repository to the platform.  If you import an existing GitHub repo into the Hiro Platform, the Platform will point to the same repository you used to import in the first place.

In other words, given the secured handshake between the project created in the Hiro Platform and your local laptop, you have pull and push write access to that GitHub repository from your laptop, enabling seamless collaboration with your development team.

Version Control

With Git, you can switch between different branches and iterate your contract’s business logic. The entire version history of your project at your fingertips, making it easier to track changes.

Push Code From Anywhere

There may be scenarios where you want to sync local changes on your laptop with the corresponding project in the Hiro Platform. Now, those sync happen automatically, and you only need to “push” code changes to your GitHub repository to synchronize and collaborate with your team.

Collaborate from anywhere, using your preferred dev environment.

How It Works

To enable all of these features, we’ve set up an SSH (secure shell) server within the Hiro Platform. When using the platform, you connect to this SSH server locally and have direct access to your cloud workspace, using your customized local environment.

After logging in, you’ll see the option to “Connect Your Local Editor.” Once you click that, you’ll be guided through the setup of your SSH keypair, if you don’t already have one.

A screenshot of the new platform nav
A screenshot of the nav inside the Hiro Platform

Once you establish your SSH server, you can connect to the platform through the <code-rich-text>Remote SSH: Connect to Host ..<code-rich-text> option in VS Code’s command palette.

This setup offers a seamless developer experience. Your local device and the cloud will sync automatically, and you can switch between coding from your local editor to deploying you code via the platform’s web UI, all while ensuring that you and your team are always working on the same code branch and the latest version of your project via <code-rich-text>git pull<code-rich-text> to push any changes to your GitHub repository.

You can learn more about how to leverage your local editor in our documentation.

Start Building in the Hiro Platform

We’re shipping a lot of new features in the Hiro Platform to make developing on Stacks and Bitcoin a complete end-to-end experience. This Git integration comes alongside other recent big releases, including deployment plans and chainhooks, as well as a new testnet faucet in the Platform so you can easily get testnet STX tokens to deploy and test your contracts.

We’re excited to enable more collaboration in the Hiro Platform and can’t wait to see what teams build next. If you have feedback for us, reach out to us in the #hiro-platform channel on Discord.

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