Want to develop smart contracts for a Web3 app?

Web3 comes with the promise of a better internet: one owned and controlled by users. That promise attracted $30B of VC investment in 2021, and today nearly 20,000 developers are building the cutting-edge decentralized applications of tomorrow.

Want to join them but don’t know much about smart contract development?

What you need to know about smart contract development:

Smart Contracts 101
What are smart contracts?

Web3 Tech Stack
How does smart contract development fit into the overall Web3 tech stack?

Smart Contract Languages
What smart contract programming languages can you pick from?

Testing Smart Contracts
How do you test and debug your smart contracts?

Developing smart contracts has a lot in common with developing any Web2 application, but there are important differences.

In Hiro’s Guide to Developing Smart Contracts, we cover the basics so you can hit the ground running. In this guide, you’ll find an overview of smart contracts, how they fit into the Web3 tech stack, some basic contract functionality, and how to debug your code.
Ready to get started?

Featured in this guide: