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Release Roundup - October 2022

In October we shipped a number of updates across our products, including API v6, the ability to search by .btc name in the Explorer, a new re-architected VS Code extension, and our team continued to work toward code completion of Stacks 2.1. Let’s jump in.

Product update
November 10, 2022
October Release Roundup

Stacks API

  • In October, the Stacks API team began testing the soon-to-be released API v6. Please note that v6 isn’t live on Hiro’s hosted instance of the API yet. The release is packed with some important updates such as:

    - A new DB library to optimize performance: the <code-rich-text>postgres-store.ts<code-rich-text> file is now divided into several single-purpose files. The division between <code-rich-text>PgStore<code-rich-text> and <code-rich-text>PgWriteStore<code-rich-text> enables the ability to select which postgres server to target when running queries.
    - Mempool stats endpoints: we implemented mempool statistics queries for counts, age (by block count), fees (simple average), and size. These are all broken down by tx type and percentiles (p25, p50, p75, p95).
    NFT event updates through websockets: this update adds support for:

    --- NFT events: sending every NFT event included in all transactions.
    --- NFT collection events: sending every event that is relevant to a specific NFT collection by asset identifier.
    --- NFT asset events:
    sending every event that is relevant to a single asset on a collection by asset identifier and value. 


  • In October, the Hiro team noticed that when transactions in the mempool rose, block sizes seemed to drop. After investigating, the team found that block fullness was around 2.4%. The cause? Miners spent 85% of their time picking transactions to put in the next block and only 15% of their time processing them. The solution we proposed to the ecosystem and later implemented greatly improved block fullness and ensures the miner’s time is spent on processing transactions. 
  • Additionally, Hiro continued to push towards code completion on our contributions to the upcoming 2.1 release of the Stacks blockchain. For more details regarding the Stacks 2.1 update, check out this blog post. To see an updated timeline, check out this post from the Stacks Foundation.


  • The Clarinet team delivered a number of updates in October including a new re-architected VS Code extension. The Clarity VS Code extension brings essential features to write safe and clean Clarity code: auto-completion, linting, safety checks, debugger, and more
  • We’ve also improved chainhook testability by adding support for chainhooks in unit-test. Events being emitted by contracts during testing are collected and evaluated against chainhooks in the clarinet test, helping integrators build their UI / side store by leveraging unit tests for building a chainstate. 
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: Clarinet v1.0.5


  • Last month, the Stacks.js team shipped a minor fix relating to NFT post-condition codes while also working towards adding support for subnets and Stacks 2.1.
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: v5.0.2.

Hiro Wallet

  • Last month, the Hiro Wallet team shipped a new dark theme to the web browser extension, now converts punycode (e.g. into emojis) for labeling accounts with BNS names, reintroduced USD amounts in the wallet interface and added BTC to the balance list in anticipation of future BTC support.
  • Current releases: web v3.21.1, desktop v4.6.1

Stacks Explorer

  • The Explorer team added a few exciting capabilities this month, such as the ability to search by .btc name and see a .btc name in the collectibles section of the address details page. We have also enabled the ability to search for a block by block height number. 

That’s it for October. Have questions? Chat with us on Discord.

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