Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - March 2023

March was a big month for Hiro as we officially launched the Hiro Platform! We also launched new tooling around ordinals to empower developers, including an Ordinals API and an Ordinals Explorer.

Product update
April 10, 2023
What's new from March?

Release roundups are organized into four primary themes which we use to track our progress against our quarterly focus areas. Let’s dive in.

Improve the Developer Onboarding Experience

  • This month, the Hiro docs team revamped the look and feel of the documentation home page. The new look docs page is more intuitive and makes it easier for users to find important and relevant information quickly. 
  • The team also shipped resources for the newly released Hiro Platform, giving users all the information they need to know about the platform, what is included, and how to use it to write, test, and deploy smart contracts. 
  • Are you looking for resources on how Hiro's products have evolved to support Stacks 2.1? The team has a handy Stacks 2.1 Upgrades to help with exactly that!
  • Lastly, our team delivered a new feature guide for the Token Metadata API, which indexes all Fungible, Non-Fungible, and Semi-Fungible Tokens in the Stacks blockchain and exposes that data through JSON REST API endpoints. The feature guide shows developers service architecture, features available, and even a quick start section. Note: as part of this work, we have deprecated a number of legacy endpoints in the Stacks API that relate to token metadata (deprecated endpoints are labeled as such in documentation here), and developers using those endpoints will need to migrate to the new Token Metadata API.

Increase Developer Productivity

  • We officially launched the Hiro Platform in March! The Hiro Platform is a hosted developer experience that allows developers to create, test, and deploy Clarity smart contracts directly from their browser. To learn more, watch the demo video here and read the blog post here
  • The Clarinet team has continued their work to improve the auto-complete feature. 
  • We saw several bug fixes for the Explorer this month and a new update which displays NFT images in the holdings widget. In addition to those fixes, the team announced a planned domain migration from to Learn more about that domain migration here.
  • The Stacks.js team shipped a few updates this month, including implementing <code-rich-text>getcontractmapentry<code-rich-text> function for the <code-rich-text>POST /v2/map_entry/[Stacks Address]/[Contract Name]/[Map Name]<code-rich-text> RPC endpoint (learn more). This makes the endpoint less cumbersome to use by handling the POST body clarity serialization. They also added Post Conditions builder, which introduces an easier way of constructing post-conditions. Understanding the postconditions and how to implement them can be very confusing for developers, and while this update doesn’t solve all the problems developers might face, it is a step in the right direction. 

Empower Developers as They Scale

  • Stacks 2.1 is live! The mainnet transition took place at block height 781,551. Check out this blog post to see all the updates included in this release.
  • The team has continued work on Subnets this month, adding more failing tests for the subnet contract, watched L1 subnet contract, and return block height of the withdrawal from the <code-rich-text>-withdraw?<code-rich-text> functions. 
  • On the API side, the team implemented a new endpoint that returns a list of stacking pool members for a given delegator principal and support parsing the new register-asset burnchain-ops for Subnets. 

More Bitcoin Support Across Hiro Products

  • Bitcoin Ordinals have been taking the Web3 world by storm, and last month we launched two new tools to make it easier for developers to integrate ordinals into their applications, including an Ordinals API and an Ordinals Explorer.
  • The Hiro Wallet added support for sending BTC to BNS names, sending and receiving ordinals, and PSBTs (partially signed Bitcoin transactions)! The wallet team also launched a web portal to improve the stacking experience.
  • The Clarinet team shipped updates for clarinet integrate, including work for subnets and updating to the latest stacks-node 2.1 and on bitcoind v24, which is ideal if users are exploring ordinals and working with <code-rich-text>ord<code-rich-text>. 

Learn More

For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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