Release Roundup - March 2022

Goodbye March, hello April! As we recover from Bitcoin Unleashed and wrap up Q1, let’s take a look at the most recent changes, updates and new features in this month’s release round up.

Product update
April 8, 2022
Release Roundup - March 2022
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This month, we announced another fiat-onramp in the Hiro wallet as well as US support. We are on track to reaching the M1 milestone for hyperchains. We shipped a new debugger feature for Clarinet, reduced bundle sizes for stacks.js.

Shout out to all of our community members who submitted new PRs. We’ll begin tracking this metric on a monthly basis. Overall, we saw 34 new community PRs in March compared to 41 submitted in February. 

Enough chit chat, let’s dive in.

Stacks API

  • API improvements in Q1 include performance improvements, faster event replays, better caching, foundation for functional tests, improved documentation and test coverage. 
  • This month, Rafael worked on “pruned” event import mode (#1125) which will be included in an upcoming release as part of a broader set of Event Replay Optimizations (#1082). Previously, developers only had the option of “archival” event import mode which imports all onchain events including mempool transactions and microblocks. The new “pruned” discards stale transactions (older than 256 blocks) as well as mempool transactions and microblocks. The result is 40% faster event import times.
  • Visit the Github repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: v3.0.2.


  • Pavitthra worked on an initial version of hyperchains contracts enabling users to move assets from the Stacks chain to a hyperchain and vice versa. For a more detailed overview of the first hyperchains milestone, tune into Sarala’s talk at Bitcoin Unleashed, Tuesday April 5th at 1:30 PM EST.



Hiro Wallet

  • The latest release for the browser extension includes US support in two fiat onramps (MoonPay and Transak), new “Next Steps” available for getting started from the home page, and other bug fixes.  
  • Visit the Github repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current releases: web v3.6.1, desktop v4.6.1

Stacks Explorer 

That’s it for March. Have questions?

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