Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - June 2024

In June, we shipped a major overhaul of Hiro docs with new installation guides, quickstarts, and references. We also launched Clarity Playground, a REPL environment where you can write and run Clarity code in the browser. We also added Clarity 3 support in Clarinet, a new signers map in the Stacks Explorer, and much more.

Product update
July 9, 2024
June's release roundup

Release roundups are organized into a few categories spanning the breadth of the developer experience. From core protocol contributions all the way to the Hiro Platform in the cloud, let’s take a look at what we shipped in June and share some of our priorities in July:

Release Roundup

Hiro Platform

  • In June, we integrated the Hiro Archive into the API hub in the Hiro Platform. With this integration, you can now download snapshots of Hiro’s API services directly from the platform, making it easier to spin up your own API services.
A screenshot of the archive integration
The new archive view in the Hiro Platform
  • For users that import projects from GitHub, we also now automatically configure your platform project as a remote upstream, so you can pull/push as needed and no longer have to configure that setup yourself.
  • We’ve added TOML syntax highlighting in the platform as well as project-wide validation in the code preview:
The code preview window
An example of the new project validation finding an error
  • Lastly, we shipped a few navigation and UI improvements and a number of bug fixes.




  • Serialize methods now return hex-encoded strings instead of bytes, increasing readability and standardization. Stacks.js now uses the Stacks Blockchain API for nonce detection, which increases the accuracy of setting nonces when building transactions.
  • We also added <code-rich-text>Cl.parse<code-rich-text>, which converts Clarity values into an equivalent JS representation.
  • In addition, we shipped new serialization helpers for transactions, which wrap existing functionality and are convenience functions for devs who prefer different styles. We also added non-sequential multi-sig support, which enables signers to sign transactions in any order (instead of following a strict signing flow).


  • We made some big changes to the Chainhook interface to make the tool easier to use, including removing unused fields from the event observer config, updating field names for clarity, adding helpers for registering chainhooks, and more.

Clarity Playground

  • We shipped Clarity Playground, a REPL environment where you can write and run Clarity code in the browser. You can also easily share snippets with other devs, making this a great learning tool for Clarity.

API Services

Stacks Blockchain API

  • We added a number of new parameters to the transaction list endpoint, including a nonce filter, query parameters that filter by contract-call <code-rich-text>contract_id<code-rich-text> and <code-rich-text>function_name<code-rich-text>, to/from address options, ordering options, and timestamp filters. These various filtering options enable devs to build apps that require richer filter and sort capabilities.
  • We also released v7.11.0 of the Stacks Blockchain API, which was released in beta last May. This release adds <code-rich-text>burn_block_height<code-rich-text> to various endpoints, introduces an average block times endpoint, adds <code-rich-text>signer_address<code-rich-text> to pox signer endpoints, and more.


  • We contributed to the public ecosystem blockchain working group, progressing towards the Nakamoto launch. In June, the working group made progress on 3.0 code complete. As of now all 3.0-related features are code complete, except the networking changes which are in review. The working group also started testing on the Pre-launch Testnet and are fixing bugs and optimizing performance.

Blockchain Explorers

The signers map on the Stacks Explorer
A screenshot of the new signers map


  • We launched a brand new docs platform. This release came with a new design, new navigation, and a lot of new content, including new installation and quickstart guides for every tool and new reference documentation for the Clarinet SDK, Stacks.js, and Chainhook. Try the new docs here.

Looking Ahead to July

Here are our biggest priorities in the coming month:

  • Adding Runes support: We plan to add support for Bitcoin runes to Hiro tooling, including both a Runes API and Runehook, a runes indexer.
  • Stacks Explorer Upgrades: We plan to upgrade search in the Stacks Explorer and introduce filters for address and timestamp.
  • Supporting work towards Nakamoto mainnet: We are one of many contributors in the blockchain public working group progressing towards the launch of Nakamoto. In July, the group plans to reach code completion for new signer resiliency features. Learn more about the timeline to activation here.

Beyond that we’ll of course have lots of work and upgrades to the suite of Hiro products, so keep an eye out for new updates.

Learn More

For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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