Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Try the New Hiro Docs

We’ve launched brand new documentation for Hiro. This is more than just a visual makeover—we’ve created new installation guides and quickstarts for each tool, brand new reference guides, and a whole lot more.

June 28, 2024
Developer Advocate
A new docs experience

A great developer experience starts with great documentation, and with this release, development with Hiro tools just got a whole lot better. Check out a video walkthrough of the new features or read on below to see what’s new in Hiro Documentation.

New Aesthetic

We’ve migrated documentation to an entirely new platform. Hiro docs are now built on Fumadocs (previously we used Docusaurus). With this migration, we’ve updated the visual aesthetic of Hiro documentation. There’s a lot of small design changes that went into this launch, and everything in docs should now feel a bit cleaner and easier to follow. 

New Navigation

We’ve rolled out new navigation to more intuitively guide you to what you’re looking for. Notably, this includes separating Stacks and Ordinals tooling into two different sections of documentation.

We’ve also integrated the API references into documentation itself, so there’s no more context switching as you move from Hiro docs to an endpoint reference and back again. In addition, we’ve also broken out the Clarinet SDK and Stacks Connect documentation into their own sections for better discoverability.

New Content

This isn’t just a design overhaul. We’ve deprecated outdated content and rolled out a lot of new documentation to make it easier to use our tooling. Now every single tool has a dedicated installation guide showing you how to get set up as well as a dedicated quickstart guide to try it out.

There are also brand new reference guides for:

  • Clarinet SDK: We’ve added references for the Clarinet SDK, explicitly listing out all of the properties, methods, and custom matchers you have available at your disposal for testing your code.
  • Chainhook: We added a new reference for chainhook scopes, detailing the various parameters you can use when specifying what on-chain events you want to monitor.

Try Docs Yourself

You can try out the new docs for yourself here. We’d love to get your feedback, whether by contributing to docs yourself or chatting with us on the Hiro channels on Discord.

Stay tuned for more updates to docs in the coming weeks. We aren’t done rolling out changes and improvements yet. Happy coding!

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