Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - February 2023

In February, Ordinal fever took hold over the crypto world. At Hiro, we worked on a number of updates around Ordinals as well as improved Bitcoin support across our products. Release roundups are organized into four primary themes which we use to track our progress against our quarterly focus areas. Let’s dive in.

Product update
March 7, 2023
February Release Roundup

More Bitcoin Support Across Hiro Products

  • The Hiro Wallet now supports Bitcoin and Ordinals! The latest version of the Hiro Wallet, allows users to create Ordinals inscriptions in just a few minutes as well as send and receive BTC.
  • The Stacks.js team added support for returning btc addresses during wallet authentication. The team also spoke with a number of wallet teams in the ecosystem to gather and document the btc-lib requirements. 
  • We have added Ordinal support in Clarinet through the following: Updated <code-rich-text>stacks-network<code-rich-text> component, to make it compatible with Bitcoin v24 because the <code-rich-text>importaddress<code-rich-text>RPC call has been deprecated and replaced with <code-rich-text>importdescriptor<code-rich-text>. Update <code-rich-text>stacks-network<code-rich-text>component, to use the latest <code-rich-text>chainhook-event-observer<code-rich-text>.
  • The API team has shifted their attention to building new Ordinal RESTful APIs as part of a new API microservice. 

Improve the Developer Onboarding Experience

In February, the Hiro docs team added the following sections to the Hiro Documentation site to improve product discovery and education:

  • Thumbs up/down functionality on the page to let users tell us if the page is helpful.
  • We also shipped two new resources on how to create customizable deployment plans, so you can introduce reproducible deployment steps that publish one or more contracts, as well as on-chain transactions, to minimize the complexity of smart contract deployments. Watch the video walkthrough here and view documentation here.

Increase Developer Productivity

  • Clarinet has implemented a fix that eliminates a space when autocompleting a call to a function with no arguments. This should reduce errors for developers using Clarinet.
  • We have continued work on new hosted offerings to improve the developer experience when creating, building and deploying Clarity contracts. If you’re interested in being an early adopter, please reach out on Discord via the HIRO-PUBLIC channels.
  • For the Explorer, we've made a series of improvements that make the experience faster and more dynamic. The team refactored the UI layer to remove StacksUI, which unblocks different types of testing and allows for faster development. First Contentful Paint was reduced from 1.3s to under 1s. You now also have more control over how much or how little information you want to see—we made contract balances easier to see. You can also collapse transfer blocks and microblocks all in one view as well as link out to different transaction elements (tx, block, sender, contract, among others). For the dark mode maxis, we also improved the experience for life on the dark side.

Empower Developers as They Scale

Learn More

For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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