Ordinals Are Now Supported by Hiro Wallet

Hiro Wallet, the most popular and trusted wallet for Bitcoin-secured Web3 apps and NFTs, now supports Ordinals and Bitcoin on mainnet for a truly cross-protocol Web3 experience.

Product update
February 20, 2023
Product Lead
The most popular Bitcoin Web3 wallet just got better.

With the latest version of the Hiro wallet, you can now create your own Ordinals inscriptions in just a few minutes as well as send and receive BTC. Install the latest version (v4.0.0) from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons today to get started.

These new capabilities work seamlessly with Gamma, OrdinalsBot and other emerging apps for easily inscribing with Ordinals in the web browser.

Hiro Wallet powers both the payment of these inscriptions with BTC as well as their storage securely in your own self-custody wallet.

Started in 2018, Hiro Wallet has grown into the most popular wallet for the Stacks ecosystem, with over 80k active installations of its browser extension and 150k downloads of its desktop app.

It’s the most secure wallet available for Bitcoin Web3, having passed several professional 3rd-party security audits and conducted its development entirely in public as an open-source project with multi-year scrutiny. It’s also the only Bitcoin Web3 wallet to support Ledger for extra security.

Here’s a short video of how you can use Hiro Wallet for inscribing with Ordinals via Gamma:

How to Create Ordinals Inscriptions

The steps are simple. Just follow along with the screenshots below:

  1. Install Hiro Wallet in your browser as an extension from either Chrome or Firefox.
  1. Generate a new wallet for self-custody of the inscriptions you’ll create, making sure to back up your Secret Key (i.e. seed phrase) safely.
  1. Select “Receive” on the home screen for depositing the Bitcoin (BTC) you need for the payment of new inscriptions into the QR code or address shown.
  1. Select “Add new” under “Collectibles” on the home screen to copy a fresh deposit address for your new inscription.
  1. Head over to Gamma’s Ordinal inscription tool and upload your asset for inscribing (e.g. image, text).
  1. Paste the inscription deposit address you’ve copied from the wallet when prompted.
  1. Copy the amount and deposit address for payment when provided.
  1. Return to the wallet and select “Send” on the home screen, pasting the deposit address and entering the amount requested by Gamma for payment.
  1. Submit your transaction and voilà! Your newly created inscription will appear in your wallet within minutes or longer depending on network conditions.

Managing Your Collection

As you create additional inscriptions, they’ll accumulate under the “Collectibles” tab on the wallet home screen for easy management in one place:

Soon you’ll have the option to showcase your inscriptions in a beautiful, public gallery as well. Simply select “Share collectibles”, and we’ll automatically generate a link to your new Bitcoin NFTs gallery for sharing:

New Bitcoin Functionality

This release goes beyond the ability to inscribe with Ordinals and deposit with the click of a button. You’ll also access the full capabilities of a powerful Bitcoin wallet, right within the convenience of your everyday browser:

  • Receive bitcoin into Native SegWit addresses, across as many accounts as you need
  • Send bitcoin to any type of Bitcoin address
  • View and manage your Bitcoin balances across accounts
  • View the history of your Bitcoin transactions across accounts
  • Toggle between networks (e.g. testnet for testing with tBTC)

Soon you’ll be able to authenticate with apps using the Bitcoin addresses in your wallet and interact with them directly by signing Bitcoin messages and transactions for broadcast as prompted by those app experiences.

And later this year we’ll also support native Bitcoin wrapping onto the Stacks network for easy, trust-less usage of your BTC in smart contracts and Web3 apps.

Join the Conversation

Follow our Twitter account and join us in our new Discord server to learn about future releases in support of Ordinals and contribute to the conversation about Bitcoin Web3!

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