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Takeaways From Hiro’s Q1 Developer Survey

In our first developer survey of 2022, we dove deep into how the Stacks developer community uses Hiro products and what excites them about the ecosystem. Let’s take a look at what we learned.

March 31, 2022
Community Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Takeaways From Hiro’s Q1 Developer Survey

How Many Hours/Week Are Developers Coding?

For many respondents, coding in Web3 is more than a hobby. 38% of engineers surveyed spent more than 20 hours per week in Web3 development.

How Quickly Are Developers Learning?

As a developer tools company, we are psyched to see coders get up to speed quickly. 32% of developers felt that they had familiarity with Clarity and had become productive in the first 1-3 months of learning while another 22% said they felt productive within 3-6 months.

Around 6% of developers even said the learning curve was less than one month. Speed demons.

What Ecosystems Have Developers Explored?

Most developers have explored other ecosystems. We’re not the jealous type: we believe in a multi-chain future. Different blockchains make different tradeoffs, and more optionality is a good thing for everyone.

Of those other ecosystems, Ethereum was the most popular amongst Stacks developers, which echoes the popularity shown in Electric Capital’s 2021 Developer Report. That report found that 20% of new Web3 developers joined Ethereum.

How Quickly Is the Community Growing?

Stacks is the largest and fastest-growing Web3 ecosystem on Bitcoin, and what we learned in the developer survey reinforces that fact. 65% of developers joined the Stacks ecosystem in the last year following the launch of Stacks mainnet in January 2021.

Of those developers, 46% list Discord as their preferred communication channel. Come join the community and hang out! We also learned that the second most popular communication channel was Stack Overflow (at 21.9%). Today we don’t have a presence in Stack Overflow, but based on your feedback, this is something we are going to explore in Q2 (if this interests you, reach out to me on the Stacks Discord server at Joey B#2577 or on Stack Overflow).

What Are Developers Building?

Developers are working on a variety of projects in the Stacks ecosystem, from DeFi to DAOs to Bitcoin innovation at large. NFTs have captured the most attention from developers, perhaps unsurprisingly since NFT trading spiked by 21,000% last year and captured mainstream appeal.

See You in Miami

More than 30% of developers said that Bitcoin was the core value that attracted them to the Stacks ecosystem and that they want more Bitcoin integrations. We hear you! Stay tuned. We’ll have more to share in the future, including a few exciting announcements at Bitcoin Unleashed, the upcoming Stacks conference in early April in Miami. We’ll have a lot of the team there at the event, and we hope to meet you!

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