Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - September 2023

In September, we added BRC-20 support for both the Ordinals API and the Ordinals Explorer. We also launched the beta of the Clarinet SDK (docs coming soon) to make writing Clarinet tests much easier, and we revamped the docs search bar and launched an AI chatbot to improve the discoverability of resources in docs. Let’s get into it.

Product update
October 4, 2023
September 2023

Release roundups are organized into primary themes related to the development experience. From core protocol contributions all the way to docs improvements, you'll find a summary of what we shipped in September.


  • We shipped v1.0.0 of Ordhook, our ordinals indexer. Ordhook is an indexer designed to help developers build new re-org-resistant applications on top of ordinal theory on Bitcoin. This indexer makes it easier to trace and discover the ownership of ordinals inscriptions, along with metadata about each inscription.
  • We released a number of bug fixes for Chainhook and added <code-rich-text>contract_abi<code-rich-text> in Stacks transactions, which enables you to get the full structure of a contract (e.g. functions and variables) when it’s deployed, so you can determine if it deploys any tokens, conforms to any SIPs, etc.
  • Working alongside other engineers in the open source Stacks ecosystem, the “Mockamoto” node is 50% ready, which will be the first Nakamoto node ready for local dev testing. You can follow progress here. In particular, we contributed to progress on the clarity-wasm, including support for >50 expressions (including bitwise operations), mul-uint, as-contract, and STX functions. You can track this workstream on the Stack Core Eng project and here .

Visibility, Verification, & Insights

  • We added a live view for blocks in the Stacks Explorer, which will populate new blocks on the explorer as they’re mined, creating a more dynamic user experience.
  • The Stacks Explorer has received some remarkable contributions from the community, including Zarakk who fixed the search input type on the fungible token page, Rachid L. who enhanced the transaction page by displaying the broadcasted time (and allowing users to determine the age of a transaction in the mempool), and Shamim Ahmed who improved the transaction list filters by introducing new icons for coinbase and poison microblock transactions.
  • We added BRC-20 support in the Ordinals Explorer, including a dedicated BRC-20 page, support for recursive inscriptions, and a BRC-20 tag for any BRC-20 tokens.

Smart Contracts 

  • We shipped the first beta version of the Clarinet SDK, which brings Clarinet into the world of JavaScript and makes it easier to write Clarinet tests. For example, note how much better the readability of the code for this counter test is when compared to a counter test in Clarinet. Learn more about this project on GitHub here, and you can view the npm package here. Keep an eye out for documentation and more resources for this SDK coming soon.
  • We also shipped Clarinet 1.8.0, which comes with a number of bug fixes and housekeeping tasks for Clarinet’s integration with the Hiro Platform.


API Infrastructure 

  • We launched BRC-20 support in the Ordinals API. We’ve added a number of new endpoints to docs that let you query BRC-20 info, such as metadata related to a particular BRC-20 token, an addresses’ BRC-20 holdings, and more.

Hosted Developer Experience 

  • We shipped a testnet faucet inside of the Hiro Platform, enabling you to more easily get testnet STX and deploy and debug contracts on testnet from inside the platform.
  • We have also updated our Terms of Use to reflect a new Data Retention Policy associated with the Hiro Platform, which reads “you acknowledge that the retention of your workspace data in the Platform is based on activity. In the event that you have not logged in to the Platform for thirty (30) days, Hiro reserves the right to delete any projects in the workspace.” Read our updated Terms of Use here.


  • We shipped two notable features in September with the goal of making our content more discoverable and helping you find the resources you need more quickly. First, we revamped our search bar, and now our search functionality offers search history, filtered search results, and real-time, search-as-you-type results. Then we added Hiro Help, a new AI chatbot that can answer your questions and point you to relevant resources.

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For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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