Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - May 2023

May brought a number of big changes for developers. First, Stacks 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 all went live. All of these upgrades required support and updates across Hiro products, and ultimately Stack 2.4 re-enabled stacking on the Stacks blockchain. We also built and released an ordinals indexer from the ground-up, using chainhooks, which is faster and more resilient than the reference <code-rich-text>ord<code-rich-text> implementation, released a number of improvements for the Ordinals API, and more.

Product update
June 6, 2023
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Release roundups are organized into primary themes which we use to track our progress. This month we updated those themes to better reflect the developer experience. Let’s take a closer look at what we shipped in May. 


  • Stacks has been released. It is the second release described in SIP-022. This release fixes a bug discovered in the <code-rich-text>stacks-increase<code-rich-text> function of the <code-rich-text>pox-2<code-rich-text> contract and re-enables stacking on the Stacks blockchain by upgrading the PoX contract to <code-rich-text>pox-3<code-rich-text>. For more information see this forum post. As part of this work, we also supported a testnet reorg, which was successful (further details linked here).

Visibility, Verification, & Insights

  • The Ordinals Explorer now shows the transfer history for a specific ordinal, including the addresses involved, the Bitcoin block the transfer occurred in, and how long ago the transfer took place. 
  • In the Stacks Explorer, we’ve added the ability to export transactions for a single address as a csv from the address details page. This makes it easy for users to collect info and details for all of their transactions. The team has also added support for custom token icons to show on the address details page. 

Smart Contracts


  • In May, Stacks.js was readied for <code-rich-text>pox-3<code-rich-text>. We added a <code-rich-text>.current<code-rich-text> pointed to the pox operation object, which points to the latest activated pox contract version. This should help future-proof the code for any potential forks.

API Infrastructure

  • The Stacks API team added support to ingest and parse pox-3 events. These changes did not warrant an event replay since there were no breaking schema changes. 
  • This month, the Ordinals API saw a number of updates. The team updated the API to parse chainhooks satpoint to get the correct offset value. Previously, for ordinals that hadn’t been transferred, the offset value was populating as a large number instead of 0. This update fixes that issue. We also added an endpoint to retrieve all inscription transfers per block, making it easier for developers to keep track of both the history and current owner of a specific inscription. We optimized the “total” calculation for the <code-rich-text>/ordinals/inscriptions<code-rich-text> endpoint by caching the inscription counts for mime_type and sat_rarity, which can significantly improve the performance of returning the count of the total number of inscriptions.

Blockchain Events Indexer

  • The team built an ordinals indexer called <code-rich-text>/-/ord<code-rich-text>, using our Chainhooks tool. This solves a major problem facing the ordinals community. The reference <code-rich-text>ord<code-rich-text> cannot handle Bitcoin reorgs. Our implementation of <code-rich-text>/-/ord<code-rich-text> is more resilient and able to handle Bitcoin reorgs.
  • We also delivered a number of performance improvements and updates including a chainhooks update to better handle Stacks forking. We have also improved caching on already streamed block of events and to Ordinals transfer scanning

Hosted Developer Experience

  • For the Hiro Platform, there were a number of fixes and dependency upgrades in May. Clarinet and Clarity VSCode Extension were upgraded to 1.6.0. 
  • Aside from the technical debt improvements, the product team is building the foundation to support Devnet as a service, Chainhooks, and deployment plans. They are shipping soon; stay tuned!
  • If you’d like guidance or help with the Hiro Platform, you can also speak with one of our product members directly on a call. Schedule a call.

Learn More

For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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