Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - June 2023

We shipped a number of big updates in June. First, code and documentation for subnets are ready for mainnet. We also launched branch coverage in the latest version of Clarinet as well as API Keys for developers who need access to higher rate limits for our API services. Last but not least, to minimize the inherent complexity of handling smart contract dependencies, we added deployment plans to the Hiro Platform.

Product update
July 11, 2023
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Release roundups are organized into primary themes which we use to track our progress and that better reflect the developer experience. Let’s take a closer look at what we shipped in June. 


  • Code and documentation for subnets are ready for mainnet! The subnets alpha implementation we shared earlier this year included key features such as Stacks 2.1 compatibility, improved throughput and block confirmation times, and multi-miner support. We also shared a demo app (GitHub repo here) to illustrate the full end-to-end experience for developers building and using a subnet. With this latest release, subnets are mainnet ready and are supported across Hiro products. Keep an eye out for updated subnets documentation coming later today.
  • Last year, we shared that the costs of maintaining the Hiro-hosted Gaia hub have become prohibitive. As part of the migration of Hiro-hosted services, and to cut down this expense, we have made important headway on migrating the data in Hiro’s hosted Gaia hub to Google Cloud Platform, and we will also be archiving old, unused data. Learn more about this migration here.

Visibility, Verification, & Insights

Smart Contracts 

  • Clarinet saw a few updates in June. The team improved clarity test code coverage to be able to handle code branches. This is a big improvement for developers. Previously, if an expression was on one line but only partially covered, the line was reported as fully covered. This update makes Clarinet tests aware of code branches, which is especially useful for things like an “if statement” and will ensure that all branches on a line are covered to give a more precise coverage report.


API Infrastructure 

  • We launched API keys for developers who need access to higher rate limits for our API services—congrats to the teams that applied and received API keys. We’re excited to support you and help you scale your application. Learn more and apply for an API key here.
  • For those running their own Stacks Blockchain API, an update adds a new environment variable that can be used to specify the network (mainnet or testnet) for a given <code-rich-text>chain_id<code-rich-text>. This can be used to configure one or multiple values for networks such as subnets. 
  • The Ordinals API team added support for cursed inscriptions this month including adding <code-rich-text>/sats/:ordinal/inscriptions<code-rich-text> endpoint to list all curse inscriptions for a single sat, support for a new chainhook event <code-rich-text>cursed_inscription_reveal<code-rich-text>, and save and expose <code-rich-text>curse_type<code-rich-text> on all endpoints. We shipped an automatic predicate registration fix to the Ordinals API that solves an issue developers were experiencing where the API would send a predicate to chainhooks and it would trigger a 422 error. Lastly, the team created a new endpoint <code-rich-text>/metadata/ft<code-rich-text> which lists all fungible tokens with valid metadata, results include basic metadata not detailed and allow filtering and ordering by name or symbol.
  • We added a new endpoint to the Token Metadata API that lists all fungible tokens and their metadata and allows users to fetch that data in bulk.

Hosted Developer Experience 

  • The Hiro Platform team has been hard at work this month adding a powerful new feature in deployment plans. Deployment plans are reproducible deployment steps that publish one or more contracts as well as a collection of on-chain transactions to a network. These plans minimize the complexity of smart contract dependencies and interactions in your project deployments. To learn more, read our announcement blog post

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For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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