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Release Roundup June 2022

This month, we look back at the highlights from Q2. At the monthly developer call, we discussed contract debugging best practices and FT/NFT metadata. Check out the recording on YouTube and sign up for the next meeting.

Shout out to all of our community members who submitted new PRs. Thank you for contributing to our open source projects. Let’s dive in.

Product update
July 7, 2022
What's new?

Stacks API 

  • The API handled over 420M requests in June while maintaining a 99.99% uptime until June 29th. Overall 48 PRs were merged in Q2. API improvements in Q2 included CPU optimizations, event replay optimizations and improved FT/NFT metadata processing. The SIP for Token Metadata Updates (SIP-019) is now moved to Activation-in-Progress. This will empower smart contract developers and artists to notify the network when they've changed token metadata. Additionally, we’ve increased the functional test coverage of API. We experienced a degradation in API performance on June 29, 2022 which has been detailed in this post-mortem posted in the Stacks forum.
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: v4.0.4.


  • As a member of the Stacks community, Hiro contributes to open-source ecosystem projects such as the Stacks blockchain as well as the Clarity programming language. Hiro’s blockchain engineers merged 45 PRs in Q2, about one third of which were directly related to hyperchains and two thirds were general contributions to the Stacks blockchain. Earlier this month, Hiro engineers uncovered and patched a denial-of-service vulnerability in the Stacks blockchain. This vulnerability was patched in release
  • Hyperchains work continues with the next milestone for hyperchains right around the corner: an NFT launch on Testnet. Expect an update along with educational content and supporting documentation in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are the instructions to spin up a Hyperchain locally. You can also spin up a Hyperchain on Devnet via Clarinet. We are looking for teams interested in testing out hyperchains. If you'd like to participate, join the discussion, and we will reach out to you to coordinate any testing.


  • The latest Clarinet release introduces several new features, such as including deploy requirements on Devnet, custom contract-calls in deployment plans as well as experimental features such as running a hyperchain node in Devnet and observing on-chain transactions using chainhooks. Overall in Q2, the Clarinet team merged 98 PRs and we saw over 1300 total downloads of Clarinet. 
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current releases: Clarinet v0.32.0, clarity-repl 0.29.0, and clarity-lsp 0.8.0.


  • Stacks.js improvements in Q2 include smaller bundle sizes, better browser compatibility and more options for network customization. Highlights from this month include structured-data signatures, aka SIP-018 support (#1284), and bug-fixes like legacy signature support (8446724).
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: v4.3.1.

Hiro Wallet

  • Hiro Wallet improvements in Q2 included an updated onboarding flow, more fiat on-ramps and support for arbitrary message signing. These changes made it easier for people to fund their wallets and explore the growing ecosystem of applications built on Stacks. Ledger support in the Hiro wallet browser extension is currently available in developer preview mode and will be included in the next release. This is a long-awaited feature that brings an extra layer of security to Stacks apps by empowering users to connect their Ledger hardware wallets to the Hiro Wallet.
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current releases: web v3.11.0, desktop v4.6.1

Stacks Explorer

That’s it for June. Have questions? Chat with us on Discord.

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