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Release Roundup - July 2022

This month, we shipped starter templates for Stacks.js, cache control in the API, four new features in Clarinet and updates on hyperchains. These updates are part of our larger priorities for Q3. Let’s dive in.

Product update
August 4, 2022
July Release Roundup
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Stacks API 



  • The latest Clarinet release includes enhanced hyperchain integration, microblocks display in the terminal UI, improved block/ microblock fork handling, and chainhook improvements. We’ve added four new features in Clarinet and published a roadmap on what you can expect in the coming months.  
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current releases: Clarinet v0.33.0. Please note that separate repositories for Clarinet REPL and LSP have been deprecated; ongoing issues have been moved to the Clarinet repository. 


Stacks Explorer

  • The latest release of the Stacks Explorer includes an important change from server side rendering to client side rendering on the /txid, /address, /block, /blocks, and /homepage pages. This resulted in up to 83% performance improvements for certain pages such as the Address page. This not only improves the performance of the Explorer, but also decreases the load that the Explorer has on the Stacks API.
  • You may have also noticed a new feature when viewing pending transactions. This block visualizer is designed to help users understand the connection between BTC and STX as well as help answer the question of "when will my transaction be confirmed?” This is a first version of this feature and we will continue to iterate on designs based on community feedback.

Hiro Wallet

  • The two big improvements for the Hiro Wallet web extension are Ledger support and a new fiat onramp thanks to our latest integration with Coinbase Pay. 
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current releases: web v3.13.2, desktop v4.6.1

That’s it for July. Have questions? Chat with us on Discord.

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