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Release Roundup - December 2022

In December, the Hiro team continued to work toward Stacks 2.1 activation, which was approved by the community mid-December and goes into full effect in the coming weeks. In addition to preparing Hiro’s products and APIs for Stacks 2.1 readiness, Hiros shipped a number of important updates last month including an updated Hiro Archive, new features in the Clarity VS Code extension and more stats on the Explorer page. Let’s jump in.

Product update
January 6, 2023
December product updates

Stacks API


  • This month, our team released an updated Hiro Archive. The Archive (formerly Hiro Archiver) enables developers and users of Hiro tools to download and use any of the published datasets needed to run a Stacks environment. The artifacts hosted can be used to quickly spin up a new stacks-blockchain node, or comprehensive stacks-blockchain-api deployment.


  • In December, the Clarinet team worked to improve Stacks 2.1 support along with devnet stability. They also added the ability to jump to the definition of any function, variable, constant, map, function argument, let variable—pretty much anything you’d might expect—including `contract-call?` to local contract directly from the VS Code extension.
  • Visit the GitHub repo for an overview of PRs merged and issues closed in the past 30 days. Current release: Clarinet v1.3.0


Hiro Wallet

Stacks Explorer

  • This month, the Explorer team added a few new features and implemented a pair of bug fixes. The team added features in the Explorer Sandbox with support for list arguments, as well as the ability to support calling functions from the contract page.
  • The Explorer page also now shows high level stats making it easy for users to quickly find important pieces of information such as STX Supply, Last Block, Current Stacking Cycle, and Next Stacking Cycle.  
  • Lastly, the team implemented a pair of fixes to exclude block info from transactions in microblocks and fixing the colors on dark mode. 

That’s it for December. Have questions? Chat with us on Discord.

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