Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - August 2023

It was a busy August for the Hiro team. We launched Chainhook, a re-org resistant transaction indexer for Bitcoin and Stacks. We shipped an integration with the Pyth Network, providing developers with a new price feed option to build DeFi apps. The Hiro Wallet is now Leather, and we also added a new fungible token list page on the Stacks Explorer, which lists all SIP-10 fungible tokens in the Stacks ecosystem, and more.

Product update
September 8, 2023
August 2023

The Hiro Wallet is now Leather! This is more than a name change and rebrand. Leather has acquired the wallet assets from Hiro and is now a subsidiary of Trust Machines. This change will help the Leather team focus on building the best Bitcoin wallet while Hiro doubles down on building dev tools for Stacks and Bitcoin. Check out their blog post for more information. 

Now let’s talk about what’s new with Hiro tooling. Release roundups are organized into primary themes which we use to track our progress and reflect the developer experience. Let’s take a closer look at what we shipped in August.  


  • We launched Chainhook, an open-source engine that provides more efficient indexing and webhook-style triggers for building IFTTT logic in your applications. It enables you to build consistent, reorg-proof databases that index only the information you want—you can specify what on-chain data you want to track, creating a lighter-weight index. This reduces both your storage management burden and the time it takes to spin up a Blockchain indexer, enabling you to move more quickly. To learn more about what Chainhook can do, check out our blog post
  • This month, the team also turned their attention to assisting with the Nakamoto upgrade and sBTC readiness. The team, along with our ecosystem Engineers, made great progress in adding support for the new clarity functions in the boot contract for the clar2wasm. You can track this workstream on the Stack Core Eng project.

Visibility, Verification, & Insights

  • In July, we mentioned that the Stacks Explorer team had shipped a fungible token page that provided overall token details. This month, the team added a brand new fungible token list page, which lists all the SIP-10 fungible tokens in the Stacks ecosystem. We updated the main navigation menu to support this new page, so go ahead and check out the <code-rich-text>Tokens<code-rich-text> tab right away!
  • We received another great contribution from the community this month fixing a bug in the Stacks Explorer that showed inconsistency on the address details page with how many tokens were held in a specific wallet. Thanks to Bharat Sharma for the contribution! 

Smart Contracts 

  • In a continued effort to support a thriving DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin, Hiro helped integrate Pyth Network with Stacks. The integration lets developers access over 300 price feeds from Pyth’s oracle. To learn more about the integration, check out our announcement blog post.
  • The team worked on a new Clarinet SDK to test smart contracts in Node instead of embedding Deno into Clarinet. This is a first step to reduce the Clarinet library’s size. It will also allow us to easily access the contracts ABI in JS. It will be released on NPM in September and will be followed by the release of Clarinet v2.0 that will deprecate <code-rich-text>clarinet test<code-rich-text> as it exists. Learn more on GitHub.
  • Additionally, there is groundwork to support a new <code-rich-text>clarinet devnet package<code-rich-text> command, which can take your Clarinet TOML files as the input to spin up the Clarinet Devnet environment from any directory, which will be instrumental in delivering Devnet as a Service in Hiro Platform.


  • Stacks.js now allows developers to use <code-rich-text>connect<code-rich-text> with custom wallet providers, which can solve conflicting wallet popups when users have multiple wallets installed.

API Infrastructure 

  • We shipped a number of updates and improvements to the Ordinals API relating to BRC-20. The team has added a minted supplies materialized view for token endpoints and timestamps to token endpoints, and we changed the BRC-20 ticker filter to prefix search instead of exact match. The API now also allows for checking wallet balances at specific block height. The team has separated BRC-20 processing from block ingestion, so that the process can more easily be triggered externally, and we are seeing ~10x improvement in the ingestion + scan process. 
  • This month, we upgraded our API documentation with an interactive demo panel. Developers can make real API requests directly from our docs and receive live responses in real-time. Faster experimentation. No more context switching.
  • The Stacks Blockchain API team shipped a fix to allow contract-principals in the <code-rich-text>/extended/v1/address/:principal/mempool<code-rich-text> endpoint. Previously, the endpoint was too strict and rejected contract-type principals from being queried. 
  • Lastly, we have added a new feature to the Token Metadata API that makes the fungible token search on <code-rich-text>name<code-rich-text> and <code-rich-text>symbol<code-rich-text> not case sensitive, allowing developers to more easily search and find fungible tokens. 

Hosted Developer Experience 

  • In August, the team shipped chainhooks support in the Hiro Platform! Each chainhook trigger specifies a rule that is applied as a filtering function on every block transaction. You can customize these individual chainhooks based on an array of on-chain events. To learn more, check out the announcement blog post. Based on early developer feedback, we shipped additional incremental improvements related to chainhooks including regex support, better configurations with starting and ending block heights and chainhook status labels with additional information on scanning progress. 

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For a full list of releases and improvements by product, please view the following links:

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