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Meet the Startups From Stacks Ventures’ Cohort 2

Market volatility and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) have ruled Web3 headlines over the past few months. Here’s the good news: bear markets are a great time to build.

June 22, 2022
Cohort 2
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As we've seen from past history, generational companies are founded and grown in tough times. While the last few years have been a record-breaking bull run for crypto financially, there's arguably been too much money coming in and too much of a focus on financialization and short term returns.

The community that remains in a bear market is driven by purpose. Builders are gonna keep building, and in a bear market, they can find a tighter community, less noise, and greater focus. 

The Stacks community has always prided itself on being a tight-knit community of builders. We care little about hype. Instead, we focus on the fundamentals—how much code are you pushing to production?

Builders are gonna keep building, and in a bear market, they can find a tighter community, less noise, and greater focus. 

Meet Cohort 2

Last week, the Stacks community got a little bigger. Stacks Ventures hosted a Demo Day introducing Cohort 2 to the world. A new wave of builders just graduated from the Stacks Accelerator program and are ushering in a host of new applications for the Bitcoin economy. Watch the Demo Day recordings from Stacks Ventures below:

We talked to some of the teams from Cohort 2 that use Hiro products, so that we could learn about their experience building on Stacks. Here’s what they had to say.

What Advice Do You Have for Devs Building in a Bear Market?

  • Bear market or bull market, if you’re really building, you’re not a spectator in this sport. Find a community, find like-minded builders, founders and stay laser-focused on what you believe will move things forward.” - Ali, Flatlay
  • All successful projects in bull markets were built in bear markets. Lay the foundation now, build the product now, find product market fit now and then when the market accelerates again, you’ll be in the perfect position. Keep your head down and keep building.” - Orlando, StackerDAO Labs 
  • “The mood might be tough right now, but I think Stacks is a great ecosystem for true entrepreneurship. We’re creating jobs for ourselves and for others. We’re creating solutions in the market. Keep building—that should be 90% of everything you do. Just keep building!” - Aki, DLC.Link

How Did Hiro Tools Help You Realize Your Goal on Stacks?

  • “We've been working with Venture Miami on deployment plans for Little Havana [a neighborhood in Miami]. We’re excited to use the Hiro Wallet and upcoming infrastructure to provide Single Sign On access to our growing network of hotspots.” - Jonathan, Element8
  • “The Hiro team is incredibly receptive. That’s refreshing and encouraging to have that level of support. The Stacks community overall is incredibly supportive. It’s great to have a sandbox and a toolbox to leverage and an engaged community that’s receptive to feedback.” - Ali, Flatlay
  • “If you are building any sort of smart contracts on Stacks, Hiro developer tools are a must. They are critical. They really speed up the development process, and I can’t really imagine having built out that protocol without using Hiro’s tools.” - Orlando, StackerDAO Labs

Join an Ecosystem of Builders

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