How We Hire Engineers

If you are wondering what the hiring process is like at Hiro, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go through a candidate’s journey, from the time we get your application until the point when you receive an offer.

At Hiro we are building an inspiring, compassionate, and kind team who deeply cares for the community we belong to, the product we build, and most importantly for each other. To achieve our ambitious vision towards a user-owned internet, we are looking for some eager individuals to grow our squad.

Our interview process is thorough, thoughtful, and transparent. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to learn what it is like to work with us.

In a nutshell, the loop takes about two weeks, with two days between the initial screeners, one full day for a virtual onsite, and a half hour meeting with the CEO or COO. It’s about 6 hours of interviews total, and you’ll meet 9 Hiros!

Let’s dive into it!

📨 First Step

The easiest way to get our attention is to apply on our careers page. We read and rigorously evaluate every single application we get! Check our open positions here.

This is important! If you are curious, driven by growth and believe you can make an impact at Hiro, we’d love to hear from you even if you don’t see any relevant open roles.

Once you’re selected, you’ll be invited for a first call with someone from the Talent Acquisition team. If this is not the right timing or the right match, you’ll still hear from us via email.

🔍 Screeners

The screener process will take you through a series of calls with folks from Hiro. This is a good chance for you to get introduced and learn a bit more about operations here at Hiro.

Even though we’ll do our best to tell you everything there is to know about the role and the company, we encourage you to ask us tough questions — here’s a great list of examples if you need some inspiration.

If you’re new to crypto and want some resources to help prepare for the call, here’s yet another great list of resources.

1. Initial screener

The first Hiro face you’ll see is someone from the Talent Acquisition team. This is a 30 minute call to talk about you and your experience, and give you the chance to ask us preliminary questions. We’ll be particularly interested in hearing more about your interests and why you’re curious in Hiro as a possible next step in your career.

2. Manager screener

After the initial screen, you might move to a 30-45 minutes call with your potential future manager or a key stakeholder who is more knowledgeable about your particular potential role.

In this call, we’ll be diving into more detailed role specific questions to evaluate whether you’d be well suited for this position. This is your opportunity to learn more about your future team, inquire about the day to day, and anything else on your mind to make sure we are the right fit for you.

To prepare for this interview, make sure you can clearly articulate your previous experience, what you are looking for in the next steps of your career, as well as why you’d like to join Hiro!

This meeting might take place 1 or 2 days after the initial screen, depending on scheduling.

3. Tech screener

Whether you have a call with the hiring manager or not, you will go through a technical screen for any engineering role. Expect this last step of the screening session to be scheduled 1 or 2 days after the previous call.

The technical challenge is a 1 hour live coding exercise. This is the only time we’ll be asking you to code during the whole interview process.

You will share your screen and work on Coderpad, a web-based editor, to solve a problem that we will present to you using the programming language of your choice. If you get stuck on syntax, or forget the API for a certain library, feel free to use Google like you normally would, and you can of course ask the interviewer any questions you like.

If you’d like to practice for this interview, we recommend trying out HackerRank or LeetCode. Don’t expect anything too complex! We are not testing for a deep knowledge of algorithms and data structures, but would rather like to get a sense of how you approach new problems.

This is your first interaction with one of your future team members, so you can ask more questions to evaluate fit for you.

Full disclosure, there is no such thing as a perfect coder! The coding exercise is not purely to evaluate the quality of code you write. We want to see your creative thinking, problem solving, and general approach to engineering. Even if you cannot complete an assignment in its entirety, we want you to talk through any obstacles or issues to demonstrate resilience and understanding.

➰ Full loop

Moving forward to the Full Loop, your talent acquisition partner will reach out to you for scheduling. This portion of the process has 3 interviews plus 1 wrap up, and it usually takes place in 1 or 2 days.

The steps are:

  • Project Deep Dive
  • Architecture & Design
  • Values Interview
  • Wrap up

This virtual onsite will be done via Zoom and will last around 3.5 hours total. It may be all at once, or broken into two days. While we don’t have explicit breaks scheduled between interviews, we will be happy to pause and let you take a few minutes to take a break, gather your thoughts, or get a coffee. Just let your interviewer know. Or, you can work with your Talent Acquisition Partner to find a schedule best for both sides.

1. Project Deep dive - 60 minutes

This is your chance to shine! You’ll be presenting to 1 or 2 people from the team and we’d like to hear about the most complex, challenging or impactful project you’ve worked on.

We recommend covering:

  • What was the problem you were trying to solve, why was it important, and what made it hard or challenging?
  • Why the project was taken on and its intended contribution to the business.
  • Enough context around the business and technology for the interviewers, who are software engineers or product managers, so they may follow along.
  • A walk through different trade-offs or options considered in design and an explanation of the specific choices you ultimately went with
  • A narrative of how the project was designed, initiated, implemented, and finished. If the project is ongoing, that is fine too! Take in consideration the non-technical aspects of projects too: communication, collaboration, interacting with stakeholders, decision making process, etc
  • If this was a team effort, what was your role and how were your interactions with the rest of the team.
  • Retrospective of how the project went, how you addressed challenges that popped up along the way, what went well, what could be improved.

We will evaluate for collaboration, impact, and clear communication.

2. Architecture & Design - 60 minutes

For this interview, you will meet with a senior engineer to discuss the requirements for a mid to large size project related to what we do everyday. The goal is to collaborate with the interviewer to come up with a solution.

This is a problem solving exercise where you should feel for what it might be like to whiteboard with a colleague on an actual problem. Expect to talk through the design for the project, implementation details, options, and tradeoffs. This is not a programming interview.

You'll be evaluated based on communication and understanding of the problem to solve, the structure of your approach and comprehension of tradeoffs.

3. Values Interview - 45 minutes

This is a behavioral interview with two experienced team members where we will ask you questions related to our values. Hiro’s values are:

  • We empower developers.
  • We find a way.
  • We have a bias for action.
  • We engineer moonshots.
  • We go together

In preparation for this stop, we highly recommend reading our careers page to get to know our team, mission, and values.

4. Wrap-up - 30 minutes

For this portion, you’ll meet with Diwaker Gupta, Hiro’s VP of Technology, to go over any remaining questions or to go deeper into something we've missed. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the process. This step is a good opportunity for you to ask high level questions about the engineering organization, as well as organizational goals and aspirations.

💬 Talk with CEO or COO

Two or three days after the Full Loop, you’ll be contacted about the final step of getting on a call with our CEO, Muneeb Ali or our COO, Alex Miller.

They would want to get to know you, how you learned about us, and how you feel about Hiro and the blockchain/crypto industry. This is a great time to ask questions to the highest of our leadership team!

🎉 Offer

A few days after your last interview we will met for a “debrief” session on your candidacy. During this meeting, we will discuss your interviews, and we will deliberate on whether to move forward with an offer.

Once a decision has been made, you’ll be notified immediately and be invited to a call with your Talent Acquisition partner and the hiring manager for the good news!

Once an offer has been accepted and start date set, Hiro equips you with all the tools, software, and resources you need to hit the ground running. All new hires have an onboarding buddy, educational curriculum for the first few weeks, and even a stipend for remote-work equipment! We ensure all new Hiros are comfortable, plugged-in, and have the environment they need to make a big impact.

Are you ready to start your journey with Hiro? Check our open positions and apply today!

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