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Hiro’s Focus Areas for the Third Quarter of 2021

If you are wondering how Hiro will spend our time this fall, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’re sharing how we will deliver value to you — the Stacks developers. In addition, in the spirit of transparency we are also identifying what we will not actively prioritize in this quarter. Read on for the full scoop!

August 17, 2021
Hiro’s Focus Areas for the Third Quarter of 2021
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💡 Our focus areas for Q3


  • In our last developer survey, you were clear: integrating a contract with an application is time consuming. We’re aiming to tackle this by releasing a new Clarinet integrate feature.
  • Clarinet has the potential to be the go-to tool for smart contract development. In order to fully empower you, Clarinet’s core functionality can be extended. However, his capability has not been fully tested and not documented. In this quarter we aim to release and document a sample extension for you.
  • Documentation and references will be added, so you don’t have to use the help command and read the sources.

Stacks Blockchain API

The Stacks Blockchain API is a Hiro project that extends the Stacks Node RPC API capabilities to make it easier to integrate with.

  • The API will fully support the new token standards (SIP009/SIP010). This will include, among other things, the ability to obtain token metadata for contracts.
  • Microblocks support, Rosetta support for Stacking, and more developer experience improvements will be provided. Furthermore, generated API and client references should be available in the Hiro documentation.

Hiro Wallet (Web & Desktop) + Stacks Explorer

  • Fully support microblocks in our wallets and explorer, making it possible for you to provide a better, faster UX for your app users.
  • Release wallet documentation for easier integration of authentication and transaction signing into web apps.
  • Prepare to sunset legacy authenticators (Blockstack Browser and Blockstack Connect), providing migration help. This will ensure your users get to experience an improved, sustainable authentication experience with the full range of Stacks 2.0 functionality.
  • Recently audited and released the wallet officially, so you can use it in production for your apps with confidence.
  • Design improvements to the user onboarding process for the wallet extension – including the ability to purchase STX with fiat – so users are more likely to sign up and broadcast transactions with your apps successfully.
  • Design support for Ledger hardware wallets and multi-sig transactions in the wallet extension, enabling a broader range of DeFi web apps.
  • Improve the general design quality of the wallet extension and resolve various bugs to ensure your app users have a smooth, error-free experience.


  • Provide more Clarinet tutorials to guide you through the process of smart contract development.
  • Run developer tests to identify and improve the content provided to you. Our goals are to push the NPS to 9/10 and reduce the time to complete the first tutorial to under 45 minutes.

Developer outreach

  • Increase the quality of our developer content, measured by the opening and click-through rates of our blog posts.

Hosted services

  • Many of you are using the Hiro-hosted API nodes. This quarter, we will make the deployment faster, reduce the footprint of our infrastructure, and establish SLAs/SLOs for key services - so you can safely rely on our hosted services.
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❌ What we won’t focus on this quarter

It is also important to share what we decided not to focus on in the coming quarter.
This doesn’t mean these projects are not important — it just reflects how we’re allocating our limited time and resources in this quarter. If anyone in the community wants to work on these projects, we would welcome and support those efforts however we can.

Data storage




Let us know what you think

If you have any questions about these priorities, please join us on Discord and ask in the #dev-general channel!

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