Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

GigaChadPepe Is Curating NFT Collection for Lunar Treasure Hunt

The Nakamoto_1 mint drops tomorrow. To celebrate, we’re thrilled to announce that a Bitcoin NFT pioneer from the early Counterparty days, GigaChadPepe, or GCP, has joined Nakamoto_1 as a curator and partner. As part of his role as a curator, he is putting together a special collection featuring global artists and works minted on Counterparty and Ethereum, and inscribed on Bitcoin, to add to the lunar treasure hunt.

March 27, 2023
GCP joins Nakamoto_1 as a curator.

A Treasure Hunt on the Moon

Nakamoto_1 is an interplanetary treasure hunt, where the keys to the treasure chest will be etched onto a Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover launching into space later this year. The only way to access that wallet will be to go to the moon and retrieve the keys. The project is a collaboration between LunarCrush, Lunar Outpost, Golden Wolf, and Hiro. The goal of this Web3-powered space race is to inspire the next generation of interplanetary exploration. 

The treasure chest will be funded with proceeds from an initial NFT mint as well as secondary sales. Proceeds from the NFT sales will also go towards funding Bitcoin core development and STEM education related causes. In addition, the lunar treasure chest will include DOGE, ETH, historical Counterparty NFTs, Ordinals and a collection of special edition art. That’s where GCP comes in.

Who is GCP?

GigaChadPepe is an early NFT collector from the days of Counterparty, and he is serving as a curator for this project. For this interplanetary treasure hunt, he is pulling together a special collection of NFTs featuring global artists. To celebrate this announcement, we sat down with GCP to talk about his participation in Nakamoto_1.

Editor’s note: this interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

What excites you about this project? Why are you joining as a curator?

Space exploration has served as a watermark of technological progress and inspiration for humanity's future for two generations. Over the past few years, blockchains and related technologies have birthed a cryptoart movement inspiring a new wave of visionaries and progress too.

We're on the cusp of a digital arts renaissance brought on by the opportunities afforded by all the new tooling in this space, and so it seems like the perfect time to ignite the imagination of the general public. The moon has always been a source of inspiration for art, and it serves as an ever-present beacon in the night's sky of what humanity can achieve when our collective dreams align.

How have NFTs and digital art impacted culture?

NFTs represent a new asset class in digital art. The tech solutions offered for on-chain art are something we’ve never seen before, bringing immeasurable improvements to provenance, transparency, global access, and settlement in wider art markets.

As artists, curators, galleries, and the rest tap into these tools, the legacy of internet and cryptoart culture that first invented and utilized them will spread from the fringes of social media and niche markets to be placed front and center in the world of fine art. What was once considered derivative, basal, or low-fi internet culture will be rightfully recognized for its broad cultural impact in the world of art.

This collection features work from Counterparty, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Can you share a few sentences on how special/unique it is to see multichain NFT collections?

For many of the OG collectors and art fiends in the space, we've been watching a growing art movement since the pre-Ethereum era. However, the truth is the vast majority of participants, especially artists, have only discovered the cryptoart movement and cryptocurrency technology through the broader market trends that unfolded on Ethereum in 2020-2022.

A huge portion of these newcomers are backtracking to discover historic projects in the space like the Rare Pepe or Spells of Genesis registries on Counterparty, or even early ERC-721 mint projects like CryptoKitties. Multi-chain initiatives like this help the entire community zoom out a bit. It replaces a lot of the competitive squabbling of one chain vs. another with a broader context that most of the differences in tech today are marginal relative to where the entire space will be decades from now. We'll look back on all of these moments as historic.

About the Lunar Bounty Collection

The collection features 8 artists (6 on Ethereum, 2 on Counterparty) who have each created a pair of art pieces, one for Earth and one bound for the moon. Each artist presents their interpretation of the 1-of-2 approach, be it with a diptych, ying/yang or two identical editions. Artists were chosen for this collection because they exemplify styles from around the globe, in varying stages of their career, and all of them have adopted and championed crypto and digital arts in their own unique way.

The artists, artwork, and mint date will be revealed ahead of the rocket launch taking the Lunar Outpost MAPP Rover to the moon. The Earth-bound pieces, half of the total collection, will be a public mint, where a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting international STEM education initiatives for women.

Their companion pieces, the Moon-bound pieces, have a longer way to travel.

Participate in One of the Biggest Treasure Hunts Ever

If you want to be a part of history, you can participate in the Nakamoto_1 mint here. The mint begins tomorrow on March 28th.

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