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In 2022, 61,000 developers committed code to Web3 projects for the first time. This growth is not surprising—Web3 is being touted as the future of the internet and has commanded headlines and hype in the tech world since the 2017 bull run. What do developers need to know to be able to participate in this emerging new world of decentralized applications?

Deep dive
February 3, 2023

Building Web3 apps (also known as decentralized apps or dApps for short) is an exciting journey that draws on your experience building traditional Web2 apps while introducing you to some new programming concepts and paradigms.

In our latest ebook, A Comprehensive Guide to Web3 App Development, we’ll walk through app development, so you can more easily ship your first Web3 application. Download our free guide to learn about:

  • Why build Web3 apps in the first place
  • Getting comfortable with developer tools and environments
  • Connecting your app to the blockchain
  • And more

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