Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Release Roundup - January 2022

Calling all Stacks developers, this Release Roundup is for you!
Each month, we’re summarizing the latest updates, features and improvements to Hiro products so you can use our tools to their fullest potential and grow the Bitcoin economy.
Let’s dive in.

Product update
February 2, 2022
Release Roundup - January 2022

Stacks API: Interact directly with the Stacks blockchain with developer-friendly REST endpoints that provide accurate, real-time, performant data.

  • We improved caching control for CDNs (e.g. Cloudflare) where intermediate caching will only be performed if the 304 CACHE OK response also includes the Cache-Control headers. More to come on the best practices for cache-control. 
  • We improved support for Websockets and to get updates on blocks, microblocks, addresses and transactions. 
  • We’ve added a write-only mode that only runs the event server to populate the postgres database. This is particularly useful to anyone interested in consuming data from the database without having to run the entire API frontend.
  • We heard your requests for more NFT support, so we’ve added new NFT endpoints. You can now enumerate NFTs by asset class, or get a list of NFTs owned by a given address, or show the history of ownership for a given NFT. 
  • Overall, 20 PRs merged, and 19 issues closed.
  • Current release: v2.0.0

Clarinet: A simple, modern and opinionated workflow for Clarity smart contracts.

Stacks.js: The essential JavaScript libraries for apps on Stacks.

Hiro Wallet: Store, stack and connect with apps in the Stacks ecosystem, from your browser or on your desktop.

  • The latest release for the browser extension includes Okcoin fiat onramp integration and improved metrics for fee estimation. There were no new releases for the desktop application this month. 
  • Overall, 26 PRs merged, and 21 issues closed
  • Current releases: desktop v4.6.1, web v3.0.0, new release for web browser soon!

Stacks Explorer: Explore transactions and accounts on the Stacks blockchain. Clone any contract and experiment in your browser with the Explorer sandbox.

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