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The advent of the original “World Wide Web” ushered in an era of rapid globalization. It revolutionized how we communicate, learn, create, work, entertain, and so much more. There’s no doubt that the internet belongs on a list of humanity’s most important technological advancements: it transformed civilization as we know it. But let’s be honest. The internet has some fundamental issues too. At Hiro, we’re trying to fix them.

March 2, 2022
Hiro’s 2022 Public Benefit Report

Somewhere along the way, the decentralized nature of the “World Wide Web” was commandeered by massive corporations that planted themselves as intermediaries between users and information. Open access became gated access. Users became the product, whose data is harvested for financial gain, and the concept of digital rights became meaningless when deplatforming from a single application could put a user’s livelihood at stake with no recourse.

We believe in an open internet that puts power back in the people’s hands. We believe that people have inherent digital rights. We believe that users should control their data and how and when others access it, and that users should be able to trust the applications they use as well as each other.

We believe in an open internet that puts power back in the people’s hands.

Those beliefs are shared by the Bitcoin community. For over a decade, Bitcoin has been engineered, maintained, and championed by cypherpunks who believe in digital rights, data consent, self-sovereignty, and user empowerment. It is the ultimate, censorship resistant, open-source computer network, and at Hiro we empower developers to build a new internet on top of Bitcoin through Stacks.

We are proud to be a public benefit corporation (PBC), a for-profit company that has a publicly-stated purpose. Our purpose is to “enable an open, decentralized internet which will benefit all internet users,” and that purpose defines and drives all of the work that we do.

As part of being a PBC, every two years we are required to publish a report to our stakeholders that reflects on how successful we have been in pursuing that purpose. We are proud to say that in the past two years, we believe we have been successful in pursuing our purpose.

Read our biennial Public Benefit Report in its entirety to learn more about the work we’ve done to enable an open internet that benefits everyone:

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