Kaitlin Pike Joins Hiro as VP of Marketing

At Hiro we’re making it easier for developers building smart contracts for Bitcoin, and Kaitlin’s work will advance the accessibility and exposure of our solutions for developers. I’m thrilled to work with an expert who can effectively highlight the benefits of building apps and smart contracts for Bitcoin and support all the great work and contributions in the open source ecosystem.

Kaitlin previously led Brand and Creative Marketing at 4x unicorn startup Amplitude, directed Brand Marketing at GitHub, and founded the Developer Marketing Department at Stack Overflow. She is passionate about helping developer communities thrive.

“Hiro is creating the full toolkit developers need to build the next generation of smart contracts and decentralized apps. Hiro and the Stacks ecosystem together will accelerate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and a better, user-owned internet for all,” Pike said.

Welcome to the team, Kaitlin!

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Today we’re excited to announce that Kaitlin Pike has joined Hiro as our first VP of Marketing. Hiro is the company building developer tools for Stacks, and Kaitlin’s experience building open source communities and developer tooling companies makes her a natural fit for growing the Stacks developer ecosystem.