Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?
Need help understanding Bitcoin DeFi?

Hiro UX Team - May 2021 Recap

Dive into feature updates and announcements from Hiro's User Experience (UX) Team.

June 8, 2021
Sr Engineering Manager
Hiro UX Team - May 2021 Recap

Hiro’s User Experience Team provides a safe, reliable way to manage STX holdings by building the Stacks Wallets and makes every detail of blockchain activity easy to reference by maintaining the Stacks Explorer.

To say that May has been an amazing month for the UX team is a big understatement. We have new team members, worked on a clear mission and vision, shipped fantastic new features, and planned our first team hackathon.

Let’s dive into it!

⚡️ Bringing clarity with a new team mission

During the last week of April the team got together to think about why we exist and how we interact, in other words: what is our mission and our values. With that mindset, we jump into a sticky note board to discussed the aspirations that shapes the team a want to belong to.

After some wordsmithing we have clear mission: ”We make the Stacks blockchain accessible to everyone.“

By accessible we mean:

  • Easy to use
  • No technical knowledge necessary
  • Facilitates achievement of goals with technology
  • Something approachable
  • Allows to enter, a gateway
  • High quality UX and DX

And these are our values, how do we work:

  • We care deeply about delivering value for users and developers
  • We iterate quickly on the release of high-quality apps
  • We follow best practices for cutting-edge engineering
  • We are reliable and trustworthy
  • We believe in the power of open-minded, respectful communication

The mission and values will help us drive prioritization moving forward by focusing our effots, and give us a compass to support a team when we go through transitions and stressful development phases.

Read more about the UX team here: +User Experience team.

🚀 Ship, ship, ship

Even though May was a short month due to Hiro’s first Hackathon there were many major events, the highlights were:

Stacks Wallet for the Desktop

The major improvement that was released on Stacks Wallets for the Desktop 4.3 is an improved flow for stacking and delegating STX.

Stacks Wallets for the Desktop 4.3 with an improved flow for stacking and delegating STX

Stacks Wallet for the Web

Before describing the improvements we’ve ship on the latest version of the Stacks wallet lets talk about one of our major milestones: The stacks wallet is now available on the Chrome web store and FireFox add-ons! Thanks to the devops team for helping with the release automation and the review process.

Stacks Wallet for the web in Chrome and FireFox browsers

On our last release, version 2.10.0 we’ve introduced improvements on the transaction screen, and added support for SIP 10 with the ability to show fungible token names, decimals, and other metadata. As a result our users will understand just what tokens they have in their wallet and interact with during transaction signing.

We’ve also fixed a long standing and community acclaimed issue to detect if a users cancels or closes a transaction window allowing developers to handle cases in which users bail before finishing the transaction signing process.

Support for fungible tokens on the web wallet

👋 Hello Fara and Esh, farewell Hank

May has been a bittersweet month for the team. The first week of May was the time to say goodbye to Hank, who move on to build his own project within the Stacks ecosystem. Hank was a brilliant member of the team that has proven his value not only with his deep understanding of the crypto space and lines of code, but also as a humble human being who elevated everyone around him.

On the bright side we couldn’t be happier to have Fara who have joined the team as software engineer and Esh who takes the role of QA engineer. Having them around have quickly proven to improve the team dynamics, and increase the speed and quality of our releases. With them onboard the UX team is shaping into a truly superb group of people.

🏃 June, here we go!

Expectations for June are high, we’ll start the month with a team hackathon, start working on microblocks on both Stacks Wallets and the Explorer, as well as resolving some technical debt and improving the overall UX of the wallet.

📺 May’s UX Team demo

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