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Hiro Named a Winner of 2023 BIG Innovation Awards

We are honored to be named a winner of the 2023 BIG Innovation Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Web3.

January 11, 2023

At Hiro, we empower developers to build a better digital future with best-in-class tools and services. Since our company’s inception, we have been driven by a desire to help create a user-owned internet that can enhance the lives of people all over the world. Our work to make Bitcoin programmable via developer tools built for the Stacks ecosystem is a prime example of this dedication in action, as these tools enable developers to build a new internet on Bitcoin, the most secure and decentralized blockchain.

Most of the world sees Bitcoin as just a store of value, but it can be so much more. By enabling development on Bitcoin, the world’s first blockchain could become the foundation for a new and better internet. People can feel safe when using apps or storing their data on Bitcoin because in 10+ years since its inception, the network has never gone down or had its integrity compromised. 

Here are some notable metrics about the impact Hiro’s tools are having on developers, entrepreneurs, and users in the Stacks ecosystem:

  • Stacks is the largest and fastest-growing Web3 project on Bitcoin
  • 630,000+ NFTs have been minted on Stacks
  • Stacks has more than 140,000 .btc domains registered. 
  • At its peak, over $1 billion USD have been locked in smart contracts in the Stacks ecosystem

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our mission of using technology to drive positive change. Thank you to the Business Intelligence Group, and to everyone who has supported us so far on this journey. We are excited to support the continuous growth of the Stacks ecosystem by building tools that enable an accessible, fully transparent and decentralized internet for everyone.

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