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Alex Miller joins the Stacks Ecosystem from Stack Overflow

We’re thrilled to share that Alex Miller has joined Hiro, the company building developer tools in the Stacks ecosystem as our first Chief Operating Officer.

May 27, 2021
Alex Miller joins the Stacks Ecosystem from Stack Overflow
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Alex will start leading more day to day operations of the company, enabling me to focus more on the bigger picture vision, strategy, and important projects. I should be able to spend more time with public facing activities and directly interact with developers building on Stacks and Bitcoin.

Alex has been an executive at Stack Overflow, Yext, and others. He worked closely with Joel Spolsky (Stack Overflow and Trello co-founder) to help scale Stack Overflow and was the GM for their enterprise business, which he helped launch and take from $0 to $15M ARR. Alex is deeply experienced in taking developer platforms to market and scaling up orgs from 10s to 100s of people and so will be able to help put in place the structure that the Hiro team needs to grow as our ecosystem grows.

    I’m thrilled to be joining the Hiro team to help build tools to support the Stacks ecosystem and its vision of a decentralized, user owned internet. It’s clear that the combination of the powerful technology of the Stacks blockchain, on top of the stability and trust of Bitcoin is the solution to unlock the next generation of smart contracts and decentralized apps.
    - Alex Miller

Welcome to the team, Alex!

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