Install Hiro Wallet extension from source

You can install version v2.16.0.330 of the Hiro Wallet browser extension from source using the following instructions.

First, download and unzip the file from GitHub.

Then move the unzipped folder to somewhere on your computer where you can keep it safe from deletion (e.g. your home folder).

For Chrome, Brave or Edge:

  1. Go to: chrome://extensions
  2. Toggle: "developer mode" on.
  3. Click on: "Load unpacked"
  4. Select the new directory that was unzipped from

Alternatively, for Firefox:

  1. Go to: about:debugging
  2. Click on "This Firefox"
  3. Click on: "Load Temporary Add-on…"
  4. Navigate inside the new directory that was unzipped from
  5. Select the manifest.json file.

Important: Installations from source do not update automatically to newer versions, unlike those installed from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

As such, we recommend installing from source only if you have a particular need, such as accessing a newer version that isn't yet available on those stores given wait times for approval.