How do I buy STX from Coinbase?

Hiro Wallet users can purchase STX from Coinbase for direct deposit into their wallet addresses using an integration with Coinbase Pay.

Having set up your Hiro Wallet, select "Buy" from the home screen then "Coinbase" from the list of options that appear for purchasing STX:

Purchases are currently limited to the United States with international support coming soon.

Enter the amount of STX to purchase and your payment details. Once purchased, the STX will arrive directly in your Hiro Wallet account for usage with the Stacks app of your choice, such as buying an NFT or investing in a DeFi protocol.

Coinbase accepts all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, SEPA, Faster Payments, Wire Transfers, Open Banking and ACH. Fees, daily limits and payment methods vary.

If you are using Coinbase for the first time, you may need to verify your account through a process known as “KYC,” or “know your customer.”

Please refer to Coinbase Support if you have any questions or problems with your purchase. Always double check your wallet address before confirming purchase on 3rd party providers like Coinbase. Hiro assumes no responsibility for problems encountered while purchasing with Coinbase.