What known issues are currently affecting the Stacks Wallet?

📣 Please ensure that you've installed the newest Stacks Wallet for desktop before following any instructions in this FAQ, which may not be relevant to older versions.

The Hiro PBC team is aware of the following issues affecting Stacks Wallet performance and is actively working to resolve them.

Please ensure that you've downloaded the latest version of the Stacks Wallet since other bugs and issues are known to affect older versions.

  1. Users attempting to withdraw STX holdings from exchanges (e.g. OKCoin, Binance, KuCoin) have reported transactions as labeled "invalid" or "pending" perpetually.

    These issues appear related to fixes needed on the exchange's side in regards to Stacks 2.0 integration. They are not related to the Stacks Wallet software specifically, and unfortunately there is nothing Hiro PBC can do to resolve them aside from general advisory support.

    Please contact your relevant exchange for help if you are unable to withdraw successfully.
  2. Ledger Nano X users have been unable to send STX. However, a fix is now provided by the latest version of the Stacks app listed on Ledger Live. Please upgrade within Ledger Live if you've encountered this problem.

    If you've previously set your "Manager provider" to 4 under "Experimental features" in Ledger Live's settings, you'll need to toggle it off or otherwise set to 1 before this version appears for installation.
  3. Ledger Nano X users sometimes find that their devices crash after displaying "Pending Ledger review" on the screen. View GitHub issue.

See all GitHub issues for the Stacks Wallet that track other known areas of improvement, or file your own.

Join the #support channel on Discord and post a message describing your issue if you need personal assistance.