What BTC address formats can I use for Stacking?

📣 Please ensure that you've installed the newest Stacks Wallet for desktop before following any instructions in this FAQ, which may not be relevant to older versions.

Stacks holders provide the Stacks blockchain with a Bitcoin (BTC) address when participating in Stacking.

BTC is transferred directly to this address via the Proof of Transfer consensus mechanism when the committed STX qualifies for rewards.

You must provide a BTC address in one of two formats:

  • Legacy (P2PKH), which starts with "1". (e.g. "17VZNX1SN5NtKa8UQFxwQbFeFc3iqRYhem")

If you enter a different format while initiating Stacking, you may see the error "only pubkey hash and script hash support".

The "Native Segwit" format (which starts with “bc1”), for example, is not supported.