Need help marketing your Web3 app?

Building a Web3 app is hard. Finding, attracting and retaining a user base is harder. When you’re just starting out, you need to think not only about good code, but great marketing if you want to grow and especially if you want to bring in revenue.

This guide will cover:

Audience and Market Research

How should you approach market research and understanding your audience?

The Marketing Funnel

Learn how to visualize your marketing efforts through the classic funnel metaphor.

Marketing Channels Overview

Discover the various channels at your disposal, including events, email, community, and more.

Product Launch Checklist

Leverage our checklist to make sure you are ready for your next big product launch.

In The Web3 Marketing Playbook, you’ll learn the basics of marketing. We’ll teach you the unique considerations of marketing in Web3, how to think about market competition, the strengths and weaknesses of different marketing channels, what metrics to track, and much more.

Along the way, you’ll discover examples of great Web3 marketing to inspire you. Ready to market your application?