Ledger Devices Are Now Officially Supported by Hiro Wallet Browser Extension

We’re thrilled to announce that users can now connect their Ledger devices to the Hiro Wallet web extension (v3.17.2 or higher) for accessing their hardware wallets and using them with apps and smart contracts. This announcement makes it easier to access Web3 on Bitcoin through one of the most trusted hardware devices in the industry, Ledger.

Product update
October 5, 2022

Ledger helps to secure the usage of Stacks apps by allowing users to manage their assets and sign transactions while keeping private keys protected on their hardware devices.

Users must install or upgrade to version 0.23.3 of the Stacks app listed under “Manager” in Ledger Live for compatibility with this release. See instructions here.

App developers are encouraged to support Ledger usage by upgrading @stacks/connect to version 6.10.2 or later.

This official release comes four months after a preview release in May, which we’ve used to improve this Ledger functionality with early usage and feedback.

There remain a few known limitations to Ledger support, specifically:

We hope to addresses these limitations roughly in the order of priority as listed above.

Please let us know about your experience with Ledger by posting a message in the #wallet channel on Discord or filing an issue in the GitHub repository.

Tune in on Twitter

With the official launch of the wallet integration, join us for a Twitter Space to explore the importance of wallet security in a decentralized ecosystem. Tune in this Wednesday, October 5th at 3pm ET to hear a conversation between Carl Anderson, VP Engineering at Ledger, Joe Bender, Community Manager at Hiro, and Mark Hendrickson, Product Lead of the Hiro Wallet. Set a reminder for the event here.

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