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Hiro Wallet Officially Available in Chrome and Firefox Stores

The wallet extension provided by Hiro PBC for interacting with the Stacks blockchain is now officially available in both the Chrome and Firefox stores with the new name “Hiro Wallet.”

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August 10, 2021
Product Lead
Sr Engineering Manager
Hiro Wallet Officially Available in Chrome and Firefox Stores
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Users of the web extension are able to do the following:

  • Authenticate with apps that have integrated the Connect library from Stacks.js
  • Receive and send STX and other tokens, both fungible and non-fungible (NFTs)
  • View their asset balances
  • View their recent activity / transactions
  • Execute contracts written in Clarity and deployed to the network via transaction signing
  • View their Secret Key for backup
  • Add and change accounts / Stacks addresses
  • View usernames registered per account
  • Protect their session usage with a password
  • Change networks for development and testing

Released earlier this year in time for the launch of Stacks 2.0, the extension has matured enough that we recommend it for regular production usage for both interacting with web applications and managing STX and other Stacks-based assets. So far over 5,000 users have installed the web extension across both browsers and given it a 5-star rating.

We’ve also renamed it from “Stacks Wallet” to clarify that it’s a product from Hiro PBC in particular, and to distinguish it from other wallets for Stacks. In any case, “Hiro Wallet” is what the community has begun calling it – so it has the vote of the people!

Users should always take care when storing cryptocurrencies with Secret Key (mnemonic seed phrase) credentials that are entered directly into software, such as with this extension. They should resort to using a Ledger device with the desktop version of the Hiro Wallet whenever a higher level of security is required – at least until we support Ledger in the extension as well.

However, given that the Hiro Wallet has received a thorough security audit by Least Authority and been battle tested over the past several months throughout early app launches, we’re confident in recommending it for additional app integrations and general usage.

If you haven’t yet installed the web or desktop wallet, you can find them here:

The extension will automatically update to every latest version if installed from the Chrome or Firefox stores.

See for a look at apps that have already launched integrations with the extension or are planning to do so shortly.

Email us at or find us on Discord if you have any questions about Hiro Wallet.

Found a bug or want to request a feature enhancement? Submit a new issue on GitHub to the web repository or desktop repository.

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